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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Well, Frontier expanded on pretty much everything in comparison to Elite. It has much more ships to choose, more weapons, you had missions, and most impressive is that all planets and cities, and orbitals are in real life scale. You can start in Solar system (with all planets and satelites), and hundreds of other system you can travel (nobody measured how much systems Frontier have)

But it had 2 weakness, imho:
1) Non arcade dogfights. It maybe had better physics model then Elite, but Elite was way more fun in dogfights. Frontier made it very automated, and boring. The assassination missions is fun, though.
2) No campaign at all. Elite have some sort of unique missions (that someone could call it campaign), but Frontier just have several types of procedural missions. Once you do them all several times, buy a best ship out there you like, nothing much to do in the game.
I think that's good about what you say with the extra detail BUT I also think that was David Braben's weakness back then- his passion was much more creating a huge universe instead of focusing on improving gameplay and making the combat more exciting (like you say). Also people with A500's said it was ultra slow even on low details. Ian Bell was missed for the sequel I think!

I still haven't played Elite : Dangerous (I still have an Xbox 360 as my most recent console!) but from what I read at the time, Braben had realized the mistakes he made with Frontier by that time.

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My top 10 Amiga games (not in order, that would be impossible for me ) that came on a single disk:

Battle Squadron
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Rainbow Islands
Sky High Stuntman
Super Tennis Champs
Terry's Big Adventure
Turrican II - The Final Fight.
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Long time no been here but had to chip in here...
Speedball 2 or the incredible Stunt Car Racer... so many memories!
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My favourites:
Stunt Car Racer
Turrican I & II
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Speedball II
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Starglider 2
Rainbow Islands
Newzealand Story
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Turrican 2
Kick-off 2
James Pond 2:Robocod
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Of course Falcon, Xenon 2, Defender of the Crown 1 and 2 and lemmings as they are single disk on my cdtv :0)
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