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Was an IBM boy back in da 80's and liked Defender of the crown. Gameplay was good but the graphics and colours were shite.

Then a friend showed me his Amiga version and was totally blown away! Saw a few more Amiga games after that and thought this computer will be the future!

Oh well, Amiga died a few years later, as we all know, but I did finally get one not long down the tracks.
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I remember I used to go to Vudata computer shop in Ashton-under-Lyne in Gtr Manchester (sure most local people will remember this shop, opposite a massive video store called Jubilee)

Used to get my Zzaps and Commodore 64 games in there. There used to have monitors on display running demos ) games. I clearly remember seeing The Three Stooges by Cinemaware and being blown away.

First magazine screenshots of a game were probably Defender of the Crown and The Pawn

I got my Amiga Xmas 1988, was the first of my mates, so never played an Amiga game before that Xmas. My games included Pac-Mania, Double Dragon, OutRun and Operation Wolf.
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I went to a school friends house and he had Batman The Movie playing on the second level. I thought the graphics and music were just awesome compare to my BBC micro!

I decided that I had to own one after that moment.
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A local shop in my old hometown had an A1000 with Mindwalker on. I later bought my B2000 there.
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Lemmings! Fell in love there and then forever after
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This was so sweet question, which brings in youthful memories! I think it was Turrican, or wait, was it Gods? Anyway in 1991 at my friends house (Amiga 500 KS1.2 with Philips 14" Scart TV = super clear image). Then I got my parents to buy me new A500Plus for a '92 birthday. Yea, those were the days.
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Thanks everyone for a wonderful thread. My first Amiga memory was seeing an Amiga 1000 in the bedroom of a friend's older mate, who'd somehow acquired it while at college. This was 1986. We saw Marble Madness, Defender of the Crown and Interceptor. Coming from a C64, this was a mesmerising experience. Seeing Workbench in action and the Juggler demo was a real buzz and I don't think I slept that night. The thing that amazes me looking back was just how advanced the Amiga was compared to other machines of the time, notably the IBM PC and its ilk. A long period of saving ensued and we both took advantage of the offer from Commodore of a £100 off voucher if you had a 64 or similar that you could use to purchase an Amiga 500 for a mere £399 in 1987 money!
I went to a 500+ and then a 1200, but I still have a 1000 and 500+ as my main retro machines. The 1000 is joy to use and to look at.
A couple of shout outs to old computer shops in my neck of the woods:
Ladbroke computing in Preston - my 500+ and Philips Cube TV came from there, as well as my cherished copy of Novagen's Damocles.
Blue Chip computers in Wigan - pre-dates the Amiga but if you had a speccy or 64, this is where you'd buy your games, a single room above a travel agents on Library street.
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I think it was Lemmings at a mate's house. I was awestruck.
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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
Mine I believe Was Shadow of the Beast

This was mine too and I bought in immediately and an Amiga. Shame it was the best looking game on the Amiga ever really!

I had seen screenhots of Amiga games before like Defender of the Crown. Marble Madness, Dungeon Master (was ST at the time maybe but was sure it would come to Amiga), Powerdrome but not a real machine until then
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Probably... probably the Three Stooges, also remember playing Mind Walker at some point, though the latter soon hit the shelf. Also, remember playing ECO (aka a Game Of Survival) in the early days of my unadulterated passion for the miggy .

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I have already replied to this thread, but I really want to add something that many will agree, I believe.

The effect of seeing an Amiga, esp. the first 2-3 years it came out, compared to everything else out there, is something we cannot explain to younger people.
It is not like getting a faster CPU or a new GPU today.
It really cannot be replicated and it was not one thing.
Some of the things Amiga (originally in the consumer field) did, just some, were also done by other machines, but nothing had the whole "set".
It was a "package" that was unlike anything else. Far and beyond.
It had a mouse. Yes Mac already had a mouse and a GUI, but also was monochrome, in a tiny tiny screen.
It had a GUI that also was multi-tasking. Already said about Mac (non-multi-tasking back then). Also there was GEM (both as a separate purchase for MS-DOS machines and a version of it as TOS for the ST), but it was nothing compared to the ability to run multiple times the same program on the same screen or even have multiple "screens" even on different resolutions!
The colors. Ah the colors. 4096 and the old 1.2/1.3 preferences color sliders were a thing to behold. Seeing the demo pics that were already out. Compared to nothing. Maybe only some $$$$$ workstations made for broadcast work.
Multimedia... seeing Deluxe Video, seeing 3D rendering programs. All these were... I mean, there was no answer from anywhere for a long (in computer terms) time.
Of course games.

I can only compare it to my first computer (a C64) as it was comparing "nothing" (or just single-role electronics like Simon Says or an early 8-bit arcade machine or a Game & Watch or at best an Atari VCX) to a "magic box that you can actually instruct to do anything" (and sounded amazing too). The manual also teaching BASIC, was a fantastic idea that opened a whole world to many people.
But "nothing to something" is of course "easy" to achieve (although if someone reads Commodore's story, you can see that nothing was easy and everything came from people that had talent and hard work done far beyond their "duty").
But Amiga "dropped" in an already blooming field and it was "something else". Something from another planet.

Really pity management messed their impressive head-start and made them lose their compass.

Sorry had to post this.
tl;dr -> The feeling of seeing an Amiga first time (esp. the first couple of years of its existence): Cannot be compared to something or replicated.
(so you cannot make for example your kids actually understand and appreciate - EVEN if you manage to "explain" the context)

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My First Amiga game was Shadow of the Beast, I was in Year 11 my friend ask me to come over to his house to see his new computer (at this time i had a C64) There in his room was a A500 he fired up the game and i was blown away, at that point i knew i had to have a A500.. I still remember it clearly to this day 30+ years later.
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I remember my friend loading "Monkey Island". It was simply magic.
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My mate had bought an A500 for his kids he called me round to see it, he showed me the Intro to SOTB 2. I was blown away, I soon sold Speccy and bought an Amiga ;-)
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Good old times
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For me it was either Cloud Kingdoms or Kid Gloves, i remember a friend invited me around to see his parents new computer and the rest is history
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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
I have already replied to this thread, but I really want to add something that many will agree, I believe.

The effect of seeing an Amiga, esp. the first 2-3 years it came out, compared to everything else out there, is something we cannot explain to younger people.
It is not like getting a faster CPU or a new GPU today.
This is an interesting point. The biggest and most impressive leap I remember in games was from 8bit to 16bit. In my case C64 to Amiga. The difference between the 2 generations was astounding and I've not seen one like it since. The closest to it was when the Playstation came out, but even that didn't compare. I remember recently watching some PS5 games being revealed and I honestly couldn't tell the difference from PS4 games.
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First game I saw playing was F/A 18 Interceptor. This pretty much convinced me to buy my own A500 a few months later.

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