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Phase 5 CyberSCSI's DCache

Does anyone have, or know where to find, more detailed instructions for Phase 5's DynamiCache program (comes with their SCSI toolkit.) The only instructions I have found says to just drop it into your WBStartup drawer to enable it. The problem is that it pops up the control box and leaves it open. I cannot seem to find the tool type (if any exists,) to keep that from happening. I'd like to have to manually click the an icon, or just hit the popup key to bring it up to make changes (when I need to,) and have it just run the current settings until I do.

I've tried setting "QUIET" & "CX_POPUP=no". I've also tried, in case the programmer thought in a backwards manner, "CX_POPUP=yes"

I'm using v1.02 of the program, though I've heard there is a newer one available. I've yet to find it, though.
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I suppose you find better cache programs on Aminet. http://aminet.net/disk/cache I think I used PowerCache.
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I found the 1.03 version of DynamiCache and the archive it came from lurking on a backup of my A1200 harddrive from the nineties.


No idea which version of the scsi tools disk it is supposed to be. Some readme hints at 2.4, but I cannot find the 1.03 DynamiCache version on a v2.4 disk I downloaded from http://amiga.resource.cx/.

Btw, can't it be started from User-Startup instead?
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Found the solution, quite by accident. After updating to the latest version, that is. Turns out my driver disks were quite old Updated all my drivers (and DynamiCache,) to the latest (last) versions. But the problem remained.

However, playing around with it, before moving on to a different cache program, I made some settings and "saved" them. After that, the "QUIET" tool type started working, and the pop-up no longer comes up during boot. Not a big fan of write caching (too many files ruined by sudden power loss,) but the read-ahead feature is sometimes quite handy
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OK, next question (since I can't seem to find decent documentation.) Does anyone know if it can be set to become active on startup?
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