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roy bates
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why leave the amiga.....and come back?

i remember about ten years ago or there abouts,i had several amigas all in differant configurations just about when ppc was new to the amiga,and things where looking bad in my eyes for the future of the machine it was getting harder for anyone to get software,hardware,magazines and everyone i knew was going and getting a pc or mac,but i was thinking lately what made me leave personnaly well, it was the ppc on the amiga dont get me wrong its a wonderful chip but it wasent implimented properly,and it felt like i was being slowly taken of 68k machines by third party manufactures and other projects never happened but i stayed with it for a bit longer .listening to all the hate about pcs and macs and having it compared to consoles.so why did i get an amiga again?,because it a wonderful computer even today,i dont care if its slower than a pc or it cant play crisis at 300 fps,to be honest its the only computer that really is a computer for me sure i can/have emulated it on my 3.2ghz machine but is it an amiga? no sorry it isnt,is it?.so i bouight another one upgraded it way beyond standard,why i here you ask.because it was to damn tempting and now i have three and my wife has one.there are lots of reasons why someone would buy one,lets here yours!.and i dont want to hear how much you spent on it you know it doesent really matter!
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aka breakpoint

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I traded in my stock A1200 for a psx... At the time I was just playing games, having given up on the creative side of the Amiga, girlfriend and nights out seemed to impact my life and I didn't have the time anymore! So the psx was a great option, with it's cd quality audio, full screen fmv (why I thought that was important at the time I'll never know) and the colourful, textured 3D graphics blew me away (wipeout).

I got back into the Amiga via emulation in 2000, it was quite fun at the time, just collecting adfs and getting everything to work... At that time I really regretted trading in my A1200 and wished I had not been a tight-arse and just bought the psx out right...

During the 2000's I had been in and out of the Amiga scene, including EAB! Then in the beginning of 2010 I decided to return on a more perminent basis... Buying an new old stock A1200 from Amigakit, and upgrading it (see my sig)...

Since returning I have got whdload (which is awesome) and I am working on a couple of projects!!!

As for actually why I returned.. Well it's my favourite retro platform and playing xbox 360, ps3 and wii doesn't get my creative juices following!
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Sorry roy_bates, but is your shift and return key broken?
Anyway, 'left' the Amiga when my second A500 died back-in-the-day (tm) and 'came back' once I discovered WinUAE. Just too many fond memories and good stuff on the machine to not get back into it
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Sorry roy_bates, but is your shift and return key broken?

i thought that

I remember very clearly sitting down with my first pc after weeks of selling off my amiga gear in about 96-97. Switched it on, done half an hour surfing etc played a bit of duke ,doom etc after an hour switched it off.
Silently went and sat with the missus turned to her and said its "just not the same". Hence why i am sitting here now typing this.

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Originally Posted by terexuk View Post
PC? "just not the same".
Sorry for the slight misquote, but that just about sums it all up!
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roy bates
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Sorry roy_bates, but is your shift and return key broken?
Anyway, 'left' the Amiga when my second A500 died back-in-the-day (tm) and 'came back' once I discovered WinUAE. Just too many fond memories and good stuff on the machine to not get back into it
hahaha sorry gotta get it in all in one line typings not my thing as you can tell , my problem is i think of 6 things at a time (i dont worry about typing errors)
anyway the amiga is an awsome never to be recreated machine,but we all know that i remember once trying to get the school i used to goto to try to have them(they had bbc model b's) i took it there to demo it, they where impressed.but came back two weeks later and said it was too expensive

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For me, I lost my modulator and power supply to my A500 and not having any internet access at home (so no access to eBay etc), believed I wouldn't be able to find the parts needed to get it working again.

It had stayed sitting in a cardboard box on top of my wardrobe for 15 years whilst I discovered PCs and then games consoles. It survived being thrown out during a bedroom tidy-up after being discovered by my brother.

I then came across a site last year called AmigaKit and found out you could buy a Scart cable for an Amiga and it went on from there.

I've always believed that there's nothing like playing games on the real hardware, as they were meant to be played.
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License to Bubble

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I sold my a500 and spent the money on a 270mb harddrive for my fathers pc. It felt like an enormous space at that moment, in retrospec the value of the a500 stayed in my mind and the hard drives value faded badly.
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I had C64, SMS, SMD, A1000-500-600 and PC back in the good old 90´s, even had Amiga, the Sega and PC setup in my room and used them all daily up untill 1996 or something.

The first to get boxed off was the gaming consoles,
then all my (used) A500 had died, the A1000 also got boxed off into the seller
(for years to uncover later). The last of my running Amiga´s was the A600.
And it sure did had a good run.... especially for all the creative "playtime"
it offered me. I seem to have (selectively?) forgot what happened to this one.

Dos machines first caught my attention with the FPS games, and it kept
me entertained all the way from Wolfenstien to Unreal. I finally came over
to the Windows thing when it offered more, and greater software for
music production than I ever could had imagined.

Returning to the Amiga ?
Well, that is simple... When I first found my SMD, tested it and was very pleased - my thoughts was quickly - on how my entombed A1000 was doing, and if it was totally mummified in dust and fungus, or like the SMD still was in full tact and tone ?

Well, since testing the A1000 and having a great time with it.(Yeah, it is still in perfect running order !!) - I came across an add in the local listings and found a nice, cheap and good looking bundle of working Amigas and one Commodore 64. The relevance of these machines in my life today? Nostalgia? ...Yeah, but also a fun project to have together with my son - testing old games and hardware, just the experience of that.. Also, on a more functional note - I have chosen to start using both my "new" A600HD and my C64 as serious tools in adding vintage synth to my current recording projects - as instead of using emulation VSTI.
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roy bates
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well im not saying emulation is bad its just a personal thing for me besides ,there are two real 68k amiga's i personaly hate cough-mentions no names-cough that in the amigas history as far as im concerned served no purpose in being built but the past is the past and for now anything amiga is all good.
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I have always had an amiga for 88 to present day. I have at least one that I can turn on and play. For me it brings back memories of a time gone bye. A friend would come over wih his 500 and we would play armourgeddon through a null modem. I still use my amiga for work. I use it for all my mail outs as well if I am generating any documents.
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Amiga. That's all I should need to say on this board and I would think that would get the point across. When I was a kid my family was very poor. It never stopped the geek in me. I used to go to the mall and play on the amigas there until they stopped letting people use them. And I had a few friends that had them and woudl spend many nights over at there houses up till the break of dawn exploreing the reaches of the amiga. My father died and after some time my mom remarrier I was 12 at the time we went to california and out there every one had macs and pcs. I got an apple me first computer. Used the hell out of it even though it never even came close to my amiga experiences. Then we moved back to minnesota. All my old amiga buddies had moved away and my dad bought me a 486 SX20Mhz. I soon found happiness in this as it blew away my apple II. I still had a craving for amiga that this never could itch. After some years I had a friend offer me his A1200 for some computer parts and a car amp and speakers I had sitting around. I remember thinking I always wanted one and couldn't remember the last time I used this old amp. So I agreed. That amp lasted him about 2 months I still have and love that a1200. I have upgraded it with jens 1230 at 28mhz runs great. I have wireless for it and enjoy all my other amiga goodies I've collected.

I would elaborate but I am typeing on a blackberry.
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Joined the Amiga club in 1991 with the Cartoon Classics A500+ and left in 1996 for the PC (Civ 2, Duke Nukem 3D)..

Came back around 2003 with my first ever A1200 found at boot sale for £5 which made get my old software back out. Now in 2011 I have many Amigas for fun with the ACA1230 for some serious speed in ClassicWB
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Due to my age, I grew up not only with my Amiga but with other older computers as well. I never left Amiga for anything else, as having several older brothers, I was fortunate to get the amstrads, ataris, amigas and eventually 386s and 486s that they upgraded from.

My amiga is still with me co-existing happily with my other computers, still got the Amstrad CPC 464 as well
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For me it was doom.Played it on a mates PC and was hooked so I saw it as an upgrade when I managed to sell my a1200 and buy a PC.

When MAME appeared on the PC years later it got me into the emulation scene (I grew up playing arcade games) so eventually I got into winuae.It wasn't till I got given an old a500+ (non-working) that I got the bug for the amiga hardware again.Even though the 500 plus didn't work the disk drive make the 'waiting for disk' sound and that bought back so many memorys I got myself an a1200.
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Ze Emulatron
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The Amiga 500+ was the first computer I used.
Amigas died in around 2000 both the A500 and A500+, wouldn't read disks properly, kept saying something like not a DOS disk in drive, use DiskDoctor to do something.

We got a Windows PC.

Brought the A500 out of the garage in 2003 and kept blowing into the disk drive and then it worked. Then it died and I got the A500+ out of the garage and blew into its drive and it worked. Still got the A500+ but its floppy drive has been replaced by a teac drive that has jumpers, the original drive would not work with most NDOS disks I think it wasn't supplying a ready signal. Commodore 1084s screen died, probably shouldn't have been using it as a TV for 6 hours a day.

Played WinUAE and MacUAE but it wasn't the same playing the games without the joysticks.

Got a A500 with screen last year and have been participating in the competition since.
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I suppose the main reason I kinda walked away was this notion the amiga had ran its course and was not fashionable anymore. Everyone I knew just kept boasting about their new pc, ps1 or dreamcast and how great and modern they were.

Well I followed like a sheep and bought a pc in early 1999ish. The real deep down reason was to use it as a storage medium for all my amiga stuff and the fact winuae existed made it easier. I thought if it has to be done then at least I still have the amiga stuff archived for emulation. Fast forward all these years and I really dont like windows, pc's and the hardware. But im forced to use them. Winuae has matured so well that its briliant but it will never ever replace the real thing which is why I have all my amigas still. I have done the same with the atari st and now im fixated on the c64 lol. I have c64c, breadbin, 3 x 1541's drives, two 1541-II's and countless other bits like disks, cartridges and tapes. Im mad but I will never get rid of any of it!
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I never left as such, I had an a500 in the good old days. Then while at uni I discovered winuae back in the early days when it was still command line driven, so started to have fun with that, also got uae to run on one of the Silicon graphics machines and been quite disapointed with the result. My actual a500 was starting to become extremely unstable and ended up been put in the attic of my parents along with a lot of my stuff. Anyway carried on playing with WINUAE over the years and then last year my parents decided they where moving and all my crap came out of there attic including a rather poorly a500, this prompted me to get on ebay and get an a1200 and then it all went downhill from there :P
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Happily Retired...
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Since 86 I've never left the Amiga and still use them each and every day for all my computing needs, Art/Gfx, Programming, Audio, Video, DTP , burning CDs/DVDs, Letters/Writing etc...

While I can never get my head round how someone can call themselves an Amiga User when they only run an emulator on a PC, I suppose it's a case of each to their own for various reasons but at the end of the day to me there is nothing like using the real thing but that's just my personal choice which I'm happy with...

PS: The way I see it is... if folk hadn't been so quick to abandon the Amiga and move to PC's and emulators or whatever, then maybe there would still be a lot more developers like Jens and a lot more stores like AmigaKit still around producing & selling new stuff for the Amiga... Just my view on it...
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roy bates
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well i dont think the amigas demise was solely down to peaple jumping ship alot happened back then .some peaple blame the management .some peaple blame it on it being pitted against consoles.
it dont really matter now the amiga has/had alot going for it,and there are too many what ifs.
besides alot of peaple just want to re-live there childhood and play games,and some want to render in lightwave,or make a module in octamed or use a paint programme,the list is endless for the amiga,and it is cheaper than doing it on a pc strange that everything you do in microsoft costs you money isent it?
the machine still has a future in the small computer world that was never really tapped into strange that,but still i never had any regrets.
the amiga has took its place in history, and i for one will carry on using mine.
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