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WinUAE Managing more than 2 FDDs

Hi, I'm experiencing problems using WinUAE when more than 2 drive at the same time.
I will explain me better:
If I wish to use a 3 or 4 drive such as drive DF2: and DF3: and I insert virtual floppies in there it happens that I lose the floppy that I had inserted in DF1: and I really dunno how not manage then 3 or 4 drive at the same time.
Obviously I tick DF2: and DF3:

What can I do to solve the problem?

Many Thanks
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That's strange. When does that happen? I can add disks to DF2 and DF3 on startup and change them when WinUAE runs without losing the disk that is in DF1. You mean that the disk name for DF1 is empty after inserting a disk in DF2?
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I'd say give a try to the Disk Swapper feature.

Can you tell us which game you're trying to load this way, plz ?

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Toni Wilen
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How exactly are you swapping disks? And what exactly happens?
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Are the disks the same name?
If the disk are the same name, "empty" for example the workbench dont recognize correctly the changes
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I can only manage two disks! DF0: and DF1:

and don't know why!!!

Even when I install WB 3.1 I can only use 2 drives at the time while the floppy are 6!!!!
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I've just loaded up UAE (ClassicWB P96) and shockingly you are quite correct if I read your post correctly.

I fired up WinUAE, with 4 drives "live" waited for Classic WB to load and then added a disk into all of them, only DF0: showed up.

It loads up DF0: but all others do not show on workbench. Am going to run a few tests to see if this happens on standard WB install and also on latest beta.

TESTS DONE: Using Standard WB and also via AIAB things all OK.

Using a standard A1200 config and also with extra ram and different CPU gives correct usage of drives. I have tried disk swapping and all OK, everything updates as it is supposed to, am now assuming there is something strange going on in your Amiga WB (i.e. a patch or kludge) that is playing silly buggers?

Please give details of config/WinUAE version so I can test more. thanks
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