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Stan Stimer
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Cant Start Any WHdload games in Gamebase 1.6


All whenever I start any whdload games in gamebase 1.6 I keep getting this error:- Dos-Error #205 Object Not Found "whdload_value"

Can anyone tell me what that error means and what the hell is whdload_value.

I have all the kickstarts etc installed as they come pre-installed with gamebase 1.6 and have the packs from whdownload.com so what is wrong. Its not just one or two whdload games I cant run its all of them.

Maybe whdload just doesnt run under gamebase 1.6

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Stan Stimer
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Sorry Im such a fecking idoit ive been clicking the wrong extras button in gamebase in the right hand pop up menu instead of the extras on the right hand pane it is working now.
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Citizen of Elthesh
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Hmm, not sure I entirely understand, but I'm glad it works for you now.
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object not found. I got that error when I was tried to put the Cloanto hd materials with the professional versions rather than the demo Green Alien guide materials. Where are the installer files placed on that?

When I switched over to the Green Alien required elements I no longer got that error.
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