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Ex nihilo nihil

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I take you comment as serious as if you come here to post saying that "ross" (cheers, mate ) is bad in code because he uses techniques that others don't know or master.
No offence, but a number of people here didn't wait you to try the pixel art. That someone master better or worst than other some techniques is normal.
No need to praise anyone. Furthermore, on a side note, I can't remember seeing you hitting anybody else concerning his gfx talent here, so it seems evident that you have a personal different with Jojo.
Instead of continuing to hit Jojo, why don't you become a little more productive, for example by posting video tutorials? In this way, you could share your knowledge in a factual way instead of trying to be the new "Zorro" (against "Sergeant Garcia")

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Originally Posted by LongLifeA1200 View Post
Take away the photo and he's got nowhere to go (nowhere to start either).
Sorry, but you have no idea what are you talking about.
Take a careful look at saimon69 post, he explained everything.

In every art school there is first a ton's of drawing from reference photos or real models (or famous "still life" references), and only after is perfected (and getting used to some perspective principles, can the artist go on.
Ask any amazing drawing and painting artist, and he will tell you that 80% of his work is from some reference, and 95% of the work are using partly references.

They will all tell you to draw and practice from reference until you become really really good, and only then you can start drawing from your head (and again, try and find some references for architecture, or something that nobody can memorize at first sight).

The reason for this learning curve is that NO ONE can memorize everything he wants to draw, and EVERY serious artist first find a tons of references before starting drawing from head, unless it's something he draw 500 times before (with references).
That is how it is.
Simply said: Every artist that can draw something amazing without any reference, is because he draw that from references millions time before.

Jojo is definitely very skilled artist, although I agree with everybody else that his attitude as not on pair with his skills. I am personally sorry that he deleted some of his drawing threads here, because I wanted to look them from time to time and get some tips on drawing. It's childish, but what we can do?

[ Show youtube player ]

Take a look at this (old) work of him.
Even if it's from reference, it's great.

If you think it's easy drawing from refrerence, try it yourself, and see.
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cheeky scoundrel

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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Sorry, but you have no idea what are you talking about.
Take a careful look at saimon69 post, he explained everything.

that one I presume.

(you can directly link to posts by using the link behind the #postcount in the top-right corner of a post)
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Yeah, that's the one.
Thanks for the tip.

Let's try... errr....

Got it!
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Originally Posted by LongLifeA1200 View Post
If watching those misleading videos makes you think that is "normal", to get almost all your line placements in their final position the first try and to do a similar thing at the shading stage, then you're doing yourself a great disservice and is the reason why you continue to have a "I can't" attitude.
I think you're on to something here. No free-hand sketching for a rough placement of objects, yet no use of "b" to move things around, make copies, moving things to scratch etc.

The entire title screen just seems to grow organically from a single pixel in the face of the soldier, as if that pixel was an acorn that "knows" how to grow into an oak.

Of course, this is totally different from Amiten, who can't even colour reduce a picture, let alone trace it.
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Not much to say here...

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