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Hi, if anyone could help with this it would be great..

1. It will have had something to do with the Olymipcs or Athletics in the title I think.

2. Sport 3. erm...same as most at of those games...wiggly stick type game

4. Various..sometimes behind, sometimes looking head on

5. Not really sure of the year...early-mid 90s is the only vauge info I can give

6. The one I had was a copy so im not sure about that

7. All I can think of that would maybe set it apart from other similar games is that it involved the event where you control a guy who does the "rings"..if you know what I mean, im not sure if "rings" is the name of the event. Its the one where the guy is just holding on to the two hoops that hang down and flip himself round etc.
There was also I think an event (possibly long jump) where after you did it a gopher or something used to just pop out from under the ground. I dont know why that happened either.
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I thing the game you are looking for is 'Games, The Summer edition' --->Linky
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looks promising, thanks very much

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