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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Emulation on my PSP is f*cking fantastic!

From CPS1 / 2, NeoGeo, Spectrum, SNES, Megadrive / MegaCD, MAME and even N64 - it truly is a gift that keep giving!

Originally Posted by pipe View Post
Definitely with you. If you're a casual nostalgia gamer, or think that the Amiga is ugly and takes a lot of room, fine, use your emulator with savestates on your shiny new TV. Heck, why not even replace all the hardware with an FPGA and pretend it's the real thing.
OOooooo I see what you did there - FPGA is not emulation in context of this thread - it is also a REAL processing unit - as I have mentioned before perhaps this might shed some light -

"Where an ASIC processor is akin to a pressed CD ROM, an FPGA processor is akin to a CDRW"

Just putting that out there

Originally Posted by pipe View Post
But nothing beats using the real hardware, when coding or playing. I'm just much happier when watching the real code run, on the real computer, on a real monitor.
When I have put something together under / with WinUAE it is only to go and implement this on the original hardware =)

Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
Yeah Hate is too strong word cause emulators are great for testing and preparing things for use on a real HW and just that and nothing more for me. They are not reviving any nostalgia to me and I really can not play games on them. I'm bit hard on that thing I also must play them on CRT and see them shine and glow like they are meant to.
I could start a thread "I HATE using LCD... are you with ME..."
I would say "hate" is the wrong word - a psychoanalytical view of hate / hatred would be -
"In psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud defined hate as an ego state that wishes to destroy the source of its unhappiness.[1] More recently, the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology defines hate as a "deep, enduring, intense emotion expressing animosity, anger, and hostility towards a person, group, or object."[2] Because hatred is believed to be long-lasting, many psychologists[who?] consider it to be more of an attitude or disposition than a temporary emotional state."
Although probably a misuse in the concept of emulation - I think it might well sum up my feelings towards LCD display panels!

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Since i don't get smooth scrolling with the Indivision MK2 in my 4000 anymore, i suppose emulation isn't so bad ;-)
Oooo.... cheeky ..... but true.....

Originally Posted by phx View Post
Emulators like UAE are an extremeley useful tool for debugging low level software on all sorts of Amiga configurations. It's great that we have this possibility now, otherwise most of my games wouldn't be finished yet.

Otherwise I tend to agree with the original poster. There would be no reason for me to develop any software, when only running it on an emulator. It's the real hardware which motivates me and which I want to use, like I did for the last 30 years.
Pretty much sums up my thoughts - WinUAE has made everything I do in this hobby so much quicker and easier - I have paid hundreds of $$$ for tools and software on the PC - but the real crux is - I probably use WinUAE more than any of them (yes there is a donate button I must avail myself of)

Without WinUAE, I would of probably and eventually sold my Amiga stuff on eBay - WinUAE opened a lot of unlocked potential with my collection and I cannot thank Toni enough for that!
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Fantasy Man!

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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

...always wanted to build my own but am rubbish at that type of stuff

As mentioned in my post above I use a HotRodSE for MAME:

Is that a rebranded X-Arcade or do they just happen to use almost identical parts? (or is X-Arcade a rebranded HotRod?!).
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Global Moderator

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Originally Posted by Enverex View Post
Is that a rebranded X-Arcade or do they just happen to use almost identical parts? (or is X-Arcade a rebranded HotRod?!).
Hanaho's HotRodSE was one of the first "home" arcade joysticks that plugs into your computer for use with MAME / other emulators

X-Arcade came out a year or so later I believe (and supports USB whereas the HotRodSE supports a PS2 connection).

Unfortunately though I don't think you can get HotRodSE's anymore but of course X-Arcade is still going strong...
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[ Show youtube player ]
A500/1200 with HDMI, USB ports for controllers, and maybe support for adf images on pendrive - thats a dream.
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I'm not with you too ,

i had an A500 , A600 , A1200 , and i've been loving to make them better buying hardware for. That because when i was younger i couldn't do it as i hadn't money .

Then , work , time , children , wifey , take a lot of time and my real hardware was unused so i decided to sell it to someone else.

Now to not loose contact with Amiga , i seted up a PC which boot directly in Amiga OS and the feeling is here thanks to Winuae and Toni !

I hope real hardware will live for long , but i think that Winuae is now the future to keep software and OS alive.
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Stuck in the 80s

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Used to be of a similar opinion about emulation but I actually prefer it now.

Real hardware is cool but takes up space and a bit of a pain to setup. It's not felt 'right' since I traded off my original 500 in 1993 for a 1200... miss that 500
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I'm of the volition that if I can use hardware its good if not I can emulate it.

I would never have tried OS 4 if not for WinUAE as there was no way I was going to own an X1000 or SAM. Same goes for the CD32. Hardware prices are on the increase and I for one don't have the space or the money.

I have 3 spectrums but to be honest I more than often fire up an emulator rather than pulling them out spending time connecting them and loading a game. By the time I have done that the five minutes I wanted to play the game has passed and I have lost some of the enthusiasm.

Horses for courses I guess
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Fiery Phoenix
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I prefer emulation too

Save any game I want, speed up loading times, use different connected joypads and have a library of games at your fingertips's
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Computer Nerd

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I don't hate emulators, I just prefer using my A1200.
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Maj. Voodoo

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I hate topics like this...

Sigmund Freud that one, if you can...
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
I don't mind emulators. Once I can get a setup that does 50fps smooth scrolling on my laptop, then I don't see much need for a real amiga any more. :-)
that should be no problem. have you tried setting 'legacy vsync' with a 50hz pal setting in the display tab of winuae? It comes so close to smooth scrolling you forget the HW pretty soon
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Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
that should be no problem. have you tried setting 'legacy vsync' with a 50hz pal setting in the display tab of winuae? It comes so close to smooth scrolling you forget the HW pretty soon
I'll give it a go sometime. :-) G-sync interests me much more, but I don't want to spend on the setup just now.
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Jason H
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No. Love the hard work that Frode has put into FS-UAE.
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