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About your first question - surely the Minimig comes with power consumption specs? And yeah, if you can, connect it to a regulated PSU rather than one of those small supplies to be used in place of batteries for phones, electric razors and the like (if that's what you're using)
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Chap, just a tip:

Buy a new power supply with 9V or a bit over (12V tops!), rated at 500mA at least. One "full" ampere is better, of course!

Buy also a LM7805 (this is a power-transistor-like 5V power regulator who can supply up to 1 full ampere). Open the new PS and hack the regulator inside.

This way you'll get a very reliable power supply to your Minimig.
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Originally Posted by Cerberus73 View Post
if you formatted the card on an XP machine, it will be FAT 32, not FAT 16. ive never found a built in method on XP to do FAT 16 unless its Floppys. dude, use a copy of partition magic or suchlike partitioning tool to do a fat 16 format, or boot from a live linux CD and use gparted to do it.

As for the encryption issues, well there is software out there for dealing with that, also try googling micro$ofts knowledgebase as it has good items on encrypted drives, the reason the vista version is completly diffrent, is that the XP one wasnt that good, and easily bypassed/cracked
Windows will always use FAT16 when formatting any device / partition <250MB Even though FAT32 is specified, this is due to the fact that FAT32 cluster sizes are bigger than FAT16 & would ba a waste of disk file allocation.
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I thought the power supply I was using might be dodgy, so I cut the cable off it and connected to a male USB plug.
Now I get the power from a PC (the 5v line on USB ports is active even when this PC is switched off ).
If would seem however, that the power supply had nothing to do with my earlier troubles.

As for FAT 16, the smallest SD card I have is 512mb & I'm sick of XP...I'll just keep formatting with Linux, since I know it works

Cheers for the input everyone & sorry for wasting your time when it was really me at fault

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