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Originally Posted by DoogUK View Post
Awww Bas, mines still extremely clean .

When i can afford it it will be off to PG for the 060 upgrade although i have a spare 040@40 mhz i was considering swapping it to.
Aw Doogie,,,,

That's right rub it in, I feel so much better now.

Do I read that right, you have a spare Apollo 40@40MHz you would like me to have (or just the Bl**dy chip)

Take care Mucker
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just the chip lol.
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Magno Boots
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Jimmer.. I would give that thing a good scrub with lemon / vinegar and a fibreglass pen before sending it off for repair. Nothing to lose buddy.


Can anyone tell me over what period leakage like this happens?

Is it gradual or does the battery just spew it's gizzards out all at once?

Only asking as my 040 battery is showing a little sign of white fluffyness underneath.

Many thanks
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Its gradual, but if its showing them signs get rid of the battery now.

Mine started of leaking slowly..i took no chances.
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Sounds like your 1200 is fine, minus the HD and 040 card. Just get a new HD or CF adaptor. I would snip off the battery, and clean it real good with a toothbrush and isopropyl alchol and see if it works. If not get another card. BTW There is an Apollo 1240 on ebay right now...
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