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Getting Amiga demobase running

OK I finally got some new ideas. First under 7zip I extracted the files to "files here" than I again extracted the files to "files here a second time and I got all the parts of the demobase revealed. But than I copied the grap, splash screenshots over to and created a folder inside of gamebase for Amigademobase and it failed to recognize it. So than I decided I would run the whd load which is supposed to be mounted It was but it says there are no disks inside and when I looked in the Whdload drive all the files in there are compressed as 7zip do I need to decompress the 7zip whd load files? Also while I am able to do this outside of game base I am not able to get it to recognize anything there is no setup to install the demobase that I can see.

Thanks I hope some people are able to follow this

Thanks Methodman
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Old 05 July 2017, 08:22   #2
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I do not quite understand the question, except things aren't running...... but i have demobase and gamebase running... let's see if i can help
Contains gamebase.exe

Z:\GameBase\Demobase Amiga V3 <- I believe the directory name needs to be exact
In here is the various directories like screenshots, Amiga Demos, WHDLoad and lots of settings files (That may need to be adjusted to fit your path to gamebase etc)
In Amiga Demos/<groupname> all my files are standard .zip. I'm not saying 7z isn't supported... but maybe un7zip a tester, and use standard zip and see if it works.

Under Tools - do a verify files, turn on all 4 options and what results do you get?
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Some confusion on this one
Is not Demobase Amiga just a collection of demoscene stuff ?
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Success at installing the Amiga Demobase

I actually did it!!! Got it to work. You need to put a 3.0 or 1 Operating system in the main directory and setup to run the emulator portion and it works great. It's almost like it was too easy. Thanks everyone. I finally got the hang of gamebase. Now it's time to make everything work in GameEx.
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The only weird things about the Demobase and Amiga GTAmebase is that they don't like a full screen. When I launch fullscreen. The music on the disks play butit never displays anything and than I close Winuae but the music stays stuck on my computer even using the ctrl alt del sequence doesn't make the music disappear unless I restart my computer. Except for that everything works great
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