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Mac OS X large hardfile support?

I am new to FS-UAE, and just getting back into the Amiga scene... I had an Amiga 1000 back in 1986, but after my 2000 I left the Amiga world. Sad that I didn't keep my stuff, but I just acquired an Amiga 1200 to get back into things.

I wanted to set up a 32GB compact flash card, and having read all the issues with needing an updated scsi.device driver and so forth, I thought I would experiment with FS-UAE.

I created a 32GB RDB hardfile using the FS-UAE utility, and ran "HDToolBox uaehf.device" to set it up. I manually added the drive type, and had it scan for the parameters, but it only seems to be coming up with a 4GB size.

Any hints on what I must be doing wrong?

FS-UAE v2.4.1 and I tried the latest dev version (v30?) without any change. A side note on the DEV version, I had to pick the Create HDF menu item twice before it launched, didn't work the first time.

Mac OS X 10.10.4 (14E17e) if it matters.

And when I want to test that the updated/patched scsi.device is working properly, do I have to manually add the drive in the custom config portion and not in the GUI using the "hard_drive_X" stuff?

Can you specify the hardfile in the GUI and then override the settings in the config? (i.e. if it is the second drive in the GUI use "hard_drive_1_type = rdb" in the config file?)

Thanks for any hints/tips.
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Okay, still not sure on all the why's, where's and wherefore's, but...

I installed the updated/patched scsi.devce (not sure if that was needed or not) and I was able to get the job done using HDInstTools. I hope.

Since my compactflash card arrived, I skipped the hardfile and just put in the path (/dev/disk2 in this case) to my compactflash drive, set the type to rdb and controller to ide0. This let HDInstTools find it and I was able to create the partitions, install the PFS3_AIO filesystem, format the partitions and all.

I copied the Workbench install over and booted it in FS-UAE, and all seems good. I'll try it in the Amiga 1200 when the CF<->IDE adapter arrives tomorrow.

I guess my only question is why the HDToolBox from the ClassicWB_FULL_v28 install refuses to work with partitions past the 8GB point. I thought this was all supposed to be sorted, but I guess not.

So much to learn, but so much fun!

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