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Exclamation How can i upload something in the Aminet?

How can i upload something in the Aminet?
I am using Opera 6.05 and IE 6 on my PC

Athlon XP 1600+, 256 MB, GF2 ti 64MB
Thank you very much if you can help me.
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http://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/aminet/upload.txt read carefuly the rules.
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OK i have read this but where is the upload function in Opera or internet explorer?
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just use a ftp program, amFTp for amiga, FlashFXP for Windoze
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I have downloaded WZ-FTP for my PC but i can't get the connection to the Aminet. :-(
What should i do to make the connection? HELP!
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I'll recommend FlashFXP too. Run that, press f8 and enter the ftp details (ftp://de.aminet.net/pub/aminet/new into the url field) and click connect. The rest is no different than directory opus
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More information directly from that ftp address:

To those who never fully read the README's: Upload foo.readme for foo.lha,
where foo.readme contains they keyword Short: plus a 40 character
description on the first line. Don't upload if CD releases are a problem.
All others please read below instructions carefully, or your upload is in
danger of being deleted. Uploading to Aminet is a bit more complicated
than to other places since it's a network of sites and provides more info
about files. It's a bit of work for you, but it saves a lot of hassle to
the many, many downloaders.

This FTP site is intended for the distribution of any type of freely
distributable software. However, due do copyright laws and internet
provider restrictions, we have to set the following conditions:
- Commercial software
- Software that is not OK to distribute on CD (see below for exceptions)
- Samples from copyrighted CD's, TV or radio broadcasts
- Musical mods that are cover versions of copyrighted songs
- Images or animations from copyrighted image sources
- Images depicting persons who didn't agree with the distribution
- Images of sexual content
- GNU software without sources
- Strong cryptography (key length >40 bit)
- GIF/LZW software without telling us by email that you have a license
- GIF pictures
- DMS files
- Insulting/obscene material
Please respect these conditions, or you could bring Aminet in danger of
being shut down. Every uploader is responsible for what he uploads.

Aminet consists of about 20 FTP sites and 60 BBSes that exchange their files.
The center of the net is the alias main.aminet.net . Whenever possible,
upload there. Most other sites (de.aminet.net recommended for non-Germans)
forward the files to that site and delete them locally, they'll be mirrored
back later. Do not upload the same file to multiple Aminet sites. To upload
using a browser, go to ftp://de.aminet.net/pub/aminet/new/ and use the
Upload function of your browser. Netscape has one for example.
The upload directory for FTP uploads is pub/aminet/new (for public uploads)
Uploads in new/ that have no .readme will be deleted since they could be
commercial or otherwise suspect. If your upload appears in RECENT
within 4 days, everything was fine (don't delete your copy before that
happens!). If not, contact aminet@aminet.net
If you provided an Uploader: field, you'll get a mail if we deleted your
upload for any reason (e.g. because it was corrupt).
If you have no direct Internet access you can also upload via e-mail. Send
a mail with "HELP UPLOAD" in the body to "aminet-server@aminet.net" to get
the instructions.

The main difference between Aminet and most other ftp sites is that all
uploads have a description. They're collected automatically and listed in
RECENT and INDEX. These short (40 characters) descriptions come from the
.readme files uploaded along with the binaries.
Whenever you upload something, create .readme file for it. An example:
Along with PictureView.lha you would upload PictureView.readme. That file
could look about like this (no blank lines at the start, and don't
include the CUT HERE lines):

--------------------------------CUT HERE------------------------------
Short: Shows JPEG & IFF pics. AGA support. V1.2
Uploader: umueller@amiga.icu.net.ch (Urban Mueller)
Author: umueller@amiga.icu.net.ch (Urban Mueller)
Type: gfx/show
This all new picture displayer is capable of showing almost any image
type in any resolution. Main features include:
- Scrolling screens
- CLI and WB interface
--------------------------------CUT HERE------------------------------
The meaning of these fields is:
Short: is the only mandatory field, and has to be in the first
line. It lets you specify a 40 character description of your
upload, that will be seen and INDEX and RECENT so everyone
can easily learn about your upload. Don't repeat the file
name here, but if several versions of your archive exist,
specify the version number here. Try to explain what the
program *does*. Music should specify the style and author.
Don't boast or use much uppercase.
Uploader: lets you indicate your email address so we can contact you
if something goes wrong (and this happens more often than
you think). Please always provide it.
Author: is the place where you can indicate who created the piece of
software you uploaded.
Type: is the place where you can propose a directory where the file
should be moved. Check the file TREE for possible subdirs. If
you want a new dir, read info/start/newdir.txt

Now for some completely optional fields:
Kurz: is the German version of Short:
Replaces: lets you specify files that are superseded by your upload.
Give full path, e.g. biz/patch/PageStreamPatch*
Not needed if you overwrite an earlier file with same name.
Requires: other archives that your upload needs to work, with full
path. Also name OS, mem and chipset requirements here.
Version: the version number of your upload. Don't use version
numbers in files names if possible.
Distribution: lets you specify where your upload is OK to distribute.
If you specify the 'NoCD' keyword here, your upload will
not appear on the CD's made of this site. If you specify
'Aminet', you only give Aminet the distribution permission.
After a blank line, you may add a longer description, that could for
example be the README found inside the archive. Don't rely on people
downloading the .readme file, the info found there should be in the
archive, as well.
- If your upload requires a language other than English, please mention
that language in the Short: description.
- If your upload is shareware, restricted or just a demo version, mention
that in the .readme
- You can overwrite old versions of your uploads by uploading again
using the same file name. This is the preferred way to do updates.
However don't update within 10 days of previous upload.
- If you want to make sure your file is not renamed on the CD, only use
letters, digits and _ in the name and make sure the first 8 characters
are unique.

The maximum file name length is 18 characters including the archiver suffix
(.lha, .lzh). Mixed case is OK, but it should be mainly lowercase. If your
file name is generic (ls, pipe), append your initials (pipe-JU). Version
numbers are better in the Short: descriptions than in the file name. Also,
please do not upload in any other file format than .lha or .lzh. Also, .jpg
and .mpg files can be uploaded without putting them in archives. If you're
uploading from a PC, you may use .rea instead of .readme. By adhering to
these rules you can save a lot of beginners a lot of trouble.

- Are the archives okay? Test on the computer you transfer from
- Is there a .readme for *every* file you are about to upload?
- Are the base names of the .readme and the archive the same? Same case?
- Are all archive names 18 characters or shorter?
- Is there a Short: and if possible an Uploader: field in the .readme's?
- Does none of the archives contain copyrighted or Workbench material?
- Is the archive free of BBS ads?
Thanks for checking, you're saving us a lot of work.

If you have any comments about the policies given, or if you see
suspicious, commercial or corrupt files, please immediately send mail
to aminet@aminet.net
Edit: Ok that was basically what frog linked.

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