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Odd Hardrive problem

I've been trying to upgrade the HD in my 1200 all morning with little success. I'm replacing an old Areal 65 meg HD with a Toshiba MK1403MAX 1.3 gig.

The problem is that workbench doesn't seem to want to recognise it even though everything seems fine in HDToolbox (I'm 99.9% sure that the jumpers are fine, too).

In HDToolbox, it'll recognise the drive parameters when defining a new drive type. Once defined, it'll happily verify data and find no bad blocks.

However, when I try to partition it and reboot, no icon for it appears on the workbench.

Having never actually set a HD up in an amiga before, it's possibly something I'm doing wrong.
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Re: Odd Hardrive problem

Originally posted by Jon-Vortexone

However, when I try to partition it and reboot, no icon for it appears on the workbench.

Having never actually set a HD up in an amiga before, it's possibly something I'm doing wrong.
So, what filesystem did you use?
Is it correctly selected for the partition?
Is it installed into the RDB?
Is the mount-checkbox turned on for the partition?
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Sounds like you haven't actually partitioned it. When you go on the partition screen for the drive, is the long bar black?
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Thanks for replying.

Well, I'm starting to think it's a problem with the drive itself, it either being knackered or coming from a laptop with hard-drive protection turned on.

Here's what I do when I try to partition it:

Boot from the WB30 install disk and run HDToolbox. I then define the drive, letting it autodetect the HD parameters (which it does correctly). Then, I go to the partition screen. By default it shows two ~600 meg partitions, the first labelled TDH0, the second TDH1. Both Fast File System, TDH0 marked as bootable. Both selected to automount.

I resize the partitions so that TDH0 is around 200 megs, with TDH1 taking up the rest of the drive. I press 'save changes to drive', then reboot.

When I reboot, the no icons for the HD partitions appear on the workbench. Also, when HDtoolbox is opened the partition screen shows the default suggested partitioning scheme of two equal size partitions.

Also, when I hold down the mouse buttons during the boot sequence, the drive does not appear in the boot options menu.

It seem that although the drive will respond to low-level requests (giving it's parameters to software, verifying the HD for bad-blocks) it flatly refuses to do any normal read/write requests (it's a similar situation when I mount it in a PC - the bios can autodetect the drive, it appears in the disk-management tool in Windows Xp, but nothing can either format or partition the disk).

So, which is more likely: A) The drive is knackered, or B) The drive has come from a protected laptop, so the drive is refusing read/write requests unless it receieves the password from the laptop it came from?
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I'd makesure that the jumpers are 100% correct.

Rename the partions DH0: or HD0: (These are the most common) but it isn't necessary..

When you reboot goto a shel and type Format DH0:

If it asks for DH0: then the drive might just be knackered!
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