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Wanted! A3000 PSU

Hi amiga amigo's

I am looking for a A3000D Powersupply. mine is starting to sing to me and shuts off after 1 minute

Amiga Forever!!!!!
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Precious & fragile things

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I reckon you'd struggle to get anyone to part with an A3000 PSU, rather a rarish beast nowadays. It may be better to consider an adapter cable and ATX supply.
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yeah I know
But since this is my only 3000 I try to keep it as original as possible.
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roy bates
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have you checked inside the psu to see if the two large capacitors are bulging or leaking.
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Old 21 October 2011, 14:22   #5
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yup. no leakage or bulging. rather had the psu blew up on me. then atleast you know what to replace hehe
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If you're willing to try and fix it (and got the skills), check the start-up resistors, step-up transformer and the switching transistors. Also check stuff like the bridge rectifier and the AC filter cheramic capacitors. Check for any burnt area on both sides of the PCB, if you find any then you might want to take a look at that specific component, and trace to an eventual problem if you follow its traces.
Oh, and the huge DC caps might be dried inside even though they look perfect --you should get an ESR meter (with capacitance checking) and check them. It's also a very handy tool for future electronics repair!

Not sure if this one is the same type as yours, but this reference map of one of my A3000 PSUs might help:

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