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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
Boot Hill / Narcissus from Cannon Fodder would be on my shortlist
Ah yeah! Totally! How could've I forgot about it.
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Maybe a game over track. Something like SOB 3 maybe?

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Amplified with proper bass by some serious recapped audio gear from the same era.
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The intro music from Double Sphere:

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Song starts at 1:10.

Was totally amazed when I heard this for the first time, didn't expect some random unknown game to have such an emotional and moving tune in it.

And the in-game tune is really good too, it gives me the same vibes as the "map musics" found in the Persona game series.
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Send a message via Yahoo to andy2004
imploder 4 music 4 me
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Originally Posted by no9 View Post
End scroll music ->
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Yeah Jogeir covered it for that demo, that version of the tune is a Protracker mod called "nearly there".
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Beautiful and ethereal but not too sad.

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Agony is a good one, but still a little to melancholic for my taste.

Maybe I'll go for the Horror Zombies from the Crypt tune for mine, seems thematically appropriate.
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px.bladswede remix!

When I knew nothing about music modules and Amiga,I heard it from a video made by Tom's Hardware. Many years later I had the chance to gradually know about this wonderful world of music modules and Amiga.
However, I haven't played Project-X myself and it seems that this game is a bit difficult.
Sorry to be a bit off-topic but one of these reasons for me to try to become a content creator using Amiga software it that I want to be remembered by a community of people using these old computers which I haven't heard before after I die...
When I saw this thread I thought that I was going to be crying for a while and my motivation of learning Amiga stuff would be reduced...But all I predicted didn't happen and I wrote this reply,ready to drink a whole can of energy drink,have some rest and watch the Lightwave tutorials...
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son of 68k
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I find it odd nobody mentioned Gentle Winds from Jogeir Liljedahl.

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Into the Wonderful
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Into the Wonderful.
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Originally Posted by jizmo View Post
Beautiful and ethereal but not too sad.
Sleepwalk has stood the test of time wonderfully. :-)
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Mantronix - Necroscope ;-)
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In-game music from Hybris

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This should be fun

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Pinball Dreams Nightmare table after getting a high score:
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Bit different for a topic...Hmm, think I'd choose the Space funeral music from wing commander, seems quite fitting. Saying that though, maybe something more upbeat? Like End music from Turrican 3
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