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Are you doing all the Cinemaware games MilkToast?

Defender of the Crown, Defender of the Crown II, Rocket Ranger and Wings will take some time to finish though.
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Originally Posted by MilkToast View Post
No I only did collect 5000$ for the normal ending.
For the best ending you need 8000$ (or 10.000$ not sure yet) so the House also gets repaired, but thats quite difficult to achieve.

$10000 is to repair the orphanage.

$20000 for marrying the girls.
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Happy New Year (a bit late I know)

I did something I wanted to try for a long time, I did a "Speedrun" of Wings and beat the whole game in 4h 41m.
The run itself is not very exciting, its mostly skipping the missions and before getting booted from the corps (5 Mission failed in a row) I tried to complete a mission to save some time (mostly bombing). There is a route and some strats to use here, so running it wasnt boring at all, sure you skip all the dog fights, but in order to keep going you have to successfully finish some missions (strafing and bombing).
I lost 20 Pilots what is way to much, but I did some annyoing mistakes like crashing or getting shot down by AA-Guns (I also had to pee after 3h in what was interrupting my focus sometimes ).
In order to get a Leaderboard on speedrun.com I had to do a full run, what is now accomplished.
So now after the Leaderboard is setup I am looking for more interessting (and shorter) categories to run.
I already created:
- Fighter Ace (5 Kills)
- Highest Rank
and I have some more in mind, but I also wanted to ask you if you can think of some fun categories for this game.
I also hope some of you will join the fun so we can see who is the fastest pilot alive

Here is a link to my run:
[ Show youtube player ]

and here is the Leaderboard:

I also did Maupiti Island in 3m 59s what was way faster the I expected, but it turns out you dont have to do much in order to win this game:
[ Show youtube player ]

Anyway Enjoy

Edit: Didnt see your responsed @DamienD:
Lets see:
It came from the desert (check)
Wings (check)
3 Stooges (check)
Defender of the Crown Any% and 100% (check)

Rocket Ranger (I tried a bit but its very though, I couldnt even getting to fly...not sure if I will ever get serious about it)
There is a Defender of the Crown II ? Never knew about it.
King of Chicago (almost done)
The other games, well not sure about them.

You can marry the girls? Thats totally new to me, very interessting.

Cheers MilkToast

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