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K&A Plus Magazine

Hello all!

There's now a folder in the file server dedicated to K&A Plus, a dual Polish/English paper magazine dedicated to all Commodore systems (namely Amiga, C64, VIC-20 and the business series)

/Misc/Scans/Mags/K&A Plus Magazine

K&A Plus is the result of the fusion of two older magazines, C&A Fan and Komoda, and has been published since 2015 with a frequency of 2-4 issues per year, altough it is established as quarterly now. There's a focus on games, but also technical articles and regular features about topics such as the demoscene or NG. Overall, we have tried to deliver a similar experience to the classic magazines of the eighties, in a light hearted and colourful format.

The PDF version of the magazine has traditionally been released for free, while the printed magazine costs 8€ plus shipping. The directory contains all issues from 1 to 14, both in English and Polish version. They are, of course, the original PDF and not a scan despite the name of the parent directory

Thanks to Turran for his help setting up this space for the K&A Plus collection and we invite you to order the printed versions on our website:


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Thanks for these.
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This is news to me so I'm looking forward to checking them out. Cheers.

What's the reception been like so far in terms of readership? I hope there's still a market for the written word, outmoded as it is.
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That's a good question and personally I think there's a fairly big market for printed media; especially as the number of overall releases in the retro scene and their quality grows, there is a demand for an independent and in depth scrutiny. While the general reaction to new software releases is very supportive, and that is great, we need to recognize and point out those who strive for quality and professionalism. And who doesn't like to see their name in an actual, physical format? I think it's something a blog or forum can't achieve, a bit like having a trophy.

As for K&A it is not very known outside of Poland, so I'm trying to spread the world abroad about our english edition - the last two issues, #15 and #16, are available for a fee from our website, both in printed and PDF form.
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