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Amiga Games - Commercial to Open Source List

I'm aiming to compile a list of games that were released commercially and then open-sourced. Any commercial game that was close-sourced retail, shareware, licenseware etc. and was then open-sourced by the copyright holder. This includes any game that may be in the process of being open-sourced by the copyright holder.
If you know any games that fit the criteria please let me know. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I'm not including remakes or open-sourced conversions that were done without the copyright holders permission. I will however research open-sourced conversions listed on HOL to see if they were indeed open-sourced by the copyright holder.

Once I get a few listed I will create a resource site for downloading the source code and related materials.

The list: (Just started)

AlienBash I & II (Possibly)
[Citation http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=52785& highlight=alien+bash ]
HOL Reference(s): AlienBash I & AlienBash II
Source Released: Not Yet (Loads of work still to be done)
License: TBD
Permision to Use:
sprites: ?
Code: ?
Music: ?
[Citation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abuse_%28computer_game%29 ]
HOL Reference(s): Abuse
Source Released: Yes (I think I've got everything)
Licence: Public Domain
Permision to Use:
sprites: Yes
Code: Yes
Music: No

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Please ignore this thread as I won't be progressing with it. Slept on it and realised that although some of the elements of the thread fit with the projects I'm working on, the thread itself is going in the wrong direction.
Possibly up the garden path.

Mod could you close this please, save anyone wasting their time on this particular thread.

Apologies, if I've inconvenienced anybody.

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