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A500 graphic card compatibility


Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I’m confused with the Zorro2 standard...

I’m buying the PII Matzes graphic card for my A500 (https://webstore.kryoflux.com/catalo...products_id=56) and I really would like to know about an accelerator board (TF, TK, Witcher...) which would work with it... which one should it be?

I’m hearing that the TF are not compatible...
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The Zorro-II situation is that there are 8MB of address space allocated for Zorro-II devices, including any RAM that needs to be directly accessed on any device. The graphics card has 2MB of video RAM onboard, so you have 6MB left for any other devices to use. Accelerators that cause problems probably do one of two things: either take up all 8MB of the space with their RAM, or ignore the Autoconfig rules that allocate the space to each device and force their RAM into a location that clashes with another device.

A well-behaved accelerator will request the required amount of address space for RAM (which might be adjustable in order to leave space for other devices), then pass Autoconfig control on to any other attached devices to request what they need from the left over space. An even better accelerator would use 32-bit Zorro-III address space for its RAM, leaving all 8MB of the Zorro-II space free for other devices. These need a fully 32-bit CPU to work.

I'm not fully sure about the specifics of any of those accelerators, but a good check would be to see if they also work in a 2000 with Zorro cards. If they do, there's no reason they shouldn't work in the 500. I do know that at least one TF card was working properly with Zorro-II cards during development, so it's worth checking the details of the different models available.
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Well explained Daedalus. I can add that the TF530, with updated firmware, works with well-behaved Zorro II cards. Cards that does autoconfig properly and can have its base address set to $600000 during autoconfig. TF530 grabs the first slot at $200000 for its 2mb. The TF534 and the coming TF536 put its memory in Zorro III space so shouldn't be any conflicts there. The SPI Port (530/534) will always be configured at $E9xxxx.

200000-5FFFFF 4MB Zorro-II space, First 4 MB Auto-config space / Fast RAM
600000-9FFFFF 4MB Zorro-II space, Second 4 MB Auto-config space / Fast RAM
E90000-EFFFFF 448KB Secondary auto-config space (usually 64K I/O boards)
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Thank you very much for explanations.
I own an A500+ with a funky Zorro 2 device which gives me 2x Zorro 2 slots to add cards: the SubSystem500.
So it’s like having a mini A2000.
Therefore I am looking for classic hardware (not Vampire) to make a showcase of it.
Your explanations give me confidence again in the project.
So I t’s going to be a TF536 (when available), the PII graphic card and another card which I believe will be a network card (Ariadne2 or a C= one...).
Thank you all.
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