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Corporation 1990

Does anybody know of a guide for Corporation? I'm completely baffled. And the manual isn't helping... it mentions psi powers and then tells me I need to experiment to figure out how to get the psi powers panel up!
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Tips from Atari ST version http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari...tion_8985.html
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Wow,MrD! I remember your nice game "Gravity Beam" in 2012.

I wrote genesis version guide in 2009.

At least maps were the almost same both amiga version and genesis version.
Sorry for Japanese only language.
But you can see my hand-made maps for early quest at Chapter3.
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@s2325: Thanks a lot, that helps, but none of them mention Psionics at all... I'm starting to think that it's a dummy stat that doesn't have any effect on gameplay! The manual mentions a Psi-Eye which might enable Psi powers when you equip it (like the Psi-Amp in System Shock 2), but I guess that's really late in the game.

@ nittamituaki: Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed my game!

I've managed to get a little further in the Sega Genesis version of Corporation. There's a few things that have been taken out of the Genesis version but they're mostly the annoying things like having to use the 'directional square' to move your character, or each of the pockets acting as a separate inventory. Psionics are completely missing from the Genesis version too.

Also what is pressing F6 supposed to do? For me it just makes the view garbled for a second.
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In the back of the manual for the computer versions of Corporation there's an offer to 'Enrol wth ZODIAC'... send a picture of yourself to Core Design and they will send you a custom character disc where you play as your own likeness with a character whose skills are based on your own hobbies and history! Is that cool or what?

Are there any disk images of one of these?
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