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Audio is set by game to 22050.

Maybe in a future release I could try to enable a 16bit version, but new code changes did movies behave baddly like not scaled to fullscreen to bad render in windowmode but made 8 bit mode fullscreen work for MOS (more "frames" BTW).

Finished another playing (like a dozen I did):

For MOS:
The issues found are lockups in certain situations like lot of enemies and their lightings weapons. I speculate with the SDL_mix library I glued in game (old "hits" game had came from here) but could be anything: Every new game is different so difficult to pinpoint where are the problems. But with patience you can still play after a reset: Game treats better the filesystem and doesn't erase old parameters before saving.

For MOS guru principal developers:
What the hell happen with atexit() ? I had to recreate a special function for a proper closing because it fails.
Also for general Amiga/MOS: c++ stream seek fails too: Cannot seekp beyond EOF (A feature?). I believe Bebbo's 68k gcc fixed it recently.

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Cowcat - Will there be new versions or are you finishing with it? (Thanks for your work!)
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Probably a new version as new stuff is added at this time. Problem is my fork is a little off from master github and everytime something is added I now have to do it manually as it mangles my modifications instead of a simple fetch upstream.

Another subject is if that manual work adds better performance, fixes or advantages from last version: It involves also to go through all the game from bottom to end and repeat again: The "random" quality of it makes difficult to check out all the possible scenarios where game could crash (because it does sometimes).

Didn't see much comments (here) about if it works mostly ok.
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