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Something on your website seem to be broken !

Hello Jambo,

Is your website still alive ?

Because when i want rate a website i get an error http 404 for this link (http://jambo.abime.net/rateform.php?...e&Submit=Go%21)

Another dead link report: http://members.tripod.co.uk/TheDreamZone/

http://jambo.abime.net/jindex/go.php...back2roots.org (is bttr dead ?)

I hope that you will not stop you good website because there is more and more emulation website that have disappered today, (80% of my emulations links is today deadlinks )

Message to IDSA:Please let emulation live ! don't kill it
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Old 16 March 2002, 11:25   #2
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Yes its still "alive", but only just..

I dont have as much spare time as I like, that means that I dont have a much, if any time, to work on Jambo! anymore..

Mayben when I have some time off Ill fix everything and update it!

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Old 04 June 2002, 22:43   #3
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This would be VERY nice because this DreamZone stuff is definitely not accessible anymore.
You don't even get an occasion to type in the password, at no time of day I tried it (morning, noon, night)

Maincore has shut down the site COMPLETELY.
That's bad, but that's reality.
So please stop clutching at straws and kick out ALL of those Dream Zone links.
There are a lot of new users who, due to RCK's former version of the rules, had to get through the pain of trying to e-mail MC and never ever got a reply in the past.
That's a waste of precious time and absolutely unnecessary.
So face reality and remove it from Jambo, too. Please. Thank you.

Last edited by andreas; 05 June 2002 at 00:57.
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Old 08 June 2002, 00:52   #4
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Ill do it if/when England win the world cup.
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Old 08 June 2002, 01:30   #5

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Old 13 June 2018, 10:16   #6
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Is Jambo still worth hosting? I mean

News: goes to abime.net
How To's: is broken
Forum: goes to EAB
Contact: doesn't go anywhere

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Old 15 September 2018, 23:17   #7
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Project dead I suspect.
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