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Mr B
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I'm just thinking here. But if i'm going to start going through my boxes with floppies, it might be a good idea to at least know what "is out there" in the way of tools for rectifying issues. I got over 4.000 floppies, originals and copies in a wild mix. Some are my own old collections from "back then" and some are of a later date, that i never used, but rather got from friends, or picked up along the way. My own discs "should" be fine, at least in the sense that they never killed my system back then, or created issues i even noticed. The discs i picked up from that point on are a bit more sketchy, none of my friends ever had a harddrive equipped Amiga, so something might linger there.

So, what tools would one need to make sure that no "accidents" happen? There seam to be a few antivirus for the Amiga, the most up to date versions seam to date back to 2004, or so. My gut would be to go with VirusZ, which needs xvs.library, xadmaster.library and xfdmaster.library to run. But since i got time until the hardware enabling me to start sifting through my floppies arrive, i thought i'd ask for opinions.

(I do realize that "nobody" uses antivirus on the Amiga but if nothing else, i got a bunch of mod-tracks on floppies that i'd like to keep safe, so i thought i'd give the disc's a once over, and after i feel secure that everything is safe, forget about the whole antivirus thing again.)
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I think write protection is enough.
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If you are using an a500 you could get an action replay as this wont allow a virus to stay in memory when you reset unless you tell it other wise
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Mr B
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System is a A1200, 4GB HD as master / system, and (hopefully) a 2-4GB CompactFlash card as slave / transfer device. It's running Workbench 3.1.
I guess i should have included as much in the first post, sorry, i simply forgot.
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Probably VirusZ is OK - I have it running and it screams as something filthy is put into the floppy drive. I once checked my all kinds of inherited floppies and found probably some ten or more different bootblock viruses on them. And once I got some file virus that managed to infect probably 1000 files on my HD, but got rid of it without damages.
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