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I want an A1000

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Not being afraid to be different.
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Adrian Browne
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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Appreciate you're not going to necessarily agree with me, bearing in mind my Amiga history.

However, the Amiga taught me that Commodore didn't ever have a clue what it had before it was too late.

Piracy was indeed a problem, but only in so much as so long as new machines were being bought, so were games.

Even upto 1994, Mortal Kombat 2 sold pretty decently according to the programmer of it because of the royalties he personally got from it.

But back onto Commodore.

The first sign of trouble was the CDTV. Sure, great idea, ahead of its time, and a smart looking machine, other than the caddy, it was great..... just a shame then that Commodore tried to distance the Amiga connection as much as possible so that potential buyers were completely flummoxed just what the hell it was supposed to be.

The next problem was AGA and CD32.

Whilst AGA machines are decent enough, when the A1000 was released and for a good few years afterwards when the A500 was released, Amiga was technically king of the hill.

A1200 and A4000 were not.

Commodore screwed them up massively.

What they did right: faster processor, more chip memory, cheaper upgrade paths for peripherals such as hard drives and PCMCIA addons, more colours, more bitplanes.

What they did wrong: Didn't upgrade the blitter to any kind of reasonable degree to cope with the fact it now had to display more bitplanes, audio hardware not increased to 16bit, audio hardware not increased with more sound channels, copper speed not increased so it could do 1 pixel colour reloading, which would have made Doom style games a piece of piss to do.

So yes, piracy was a problem, but the fact is, the A1200 and AGA was simply not good enough to encourage people to stick with Amiga, when technically, AGA was less capable than the current spec PC.

As for the CD32, should have had at least 1 meg of fast ram, should have either been its own system with additional hardware above that of the A1200.

Commodore had to be brain dead to not know that Sega were already working on a replacement for the MegaCD, and it appears Commodore were content to just beat that machine with no eye on the future.

Whilst Sony was new to console hardware manufacturing, they made no fucking secret of the people they were courting for their new PSX project, Psygnosis who made most of their money off the back of their Amiga work, were being feted like pretty virgin brides, and later bought up in their entirety.

I'm sorry, but you just don't underestimate the #1 entertainment company in the world. They had already bought Columbia Pictures in 1989, Sony Imagesoft was setup in the same year, and they at one point were developing an add-on for Nintendo which as it turned out, was the basis of the PSX/Playstation.

So I firmly place the blame on Commodore, plenty of people were rooting for Commodore to do something great, plenty of people WANTED Commodore to do something great........ Commodore just blithely went on and ignored everyone.

Christ, I look back and think the Amiga would have been in better hands if Atari owned it. You only have to look at the improvements in the STe over the STfm and the potential of the Falcon to realise that.
I agree with what you have said.
Mortal kombat was possibly an exception in that it was a big franchise and I can imagine would sell something like streetfighter 2 on amiga did, like 150,000 units or so.
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Adrian Browne
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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Okay bear with me here.. The not so positive of what the Amiga taught me.

When I was 15 my entire world was ripped apart (I not going into this). As a result I ended up in foster care, away from my brothers and sister. My escape was the Amiga. I loved it. I didn't leave my room. Never went to a school. I slept for a couple hours and then I would play games. This is how I remained for 6 years or so.. I never had friends, I didn't learn how to be a sociable person. I was a hermit. I have now been diagnosed with stage 2 social anxiety disorder, and find it difficult meeting new people, I avoid most social events like the plague :-( do I regret this? Yes a little, but what the Amiga taught me was creativity, programming, dpaint, basic game hacking and editing.

Would I change anything. Yes. I'd spend less time Amiga, and have actually learnt to be sociable. I'd be a more successful person now.. Even so I loved my amigas then, and I love it now despite having very little time to do anything nowadays.
Good god do I know anxiety. I also have great trouble in social situations. I never learnt how as I got anxiety and social phobia when I was only 11 years old. It is only now that I am beginning to learn. Quite strange, it's something everyone else takes for granted...

Well I took solace in games in very bad times. It was my only enduring passion and a damn good distraction. You might be amazed just how many games I played and finished; I play much less now as I am in a better place.
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Man, I can't thank my miggy enough. Sure my spectrum taught me the basics and basic itself, but it was commodore's wonder machine that gave me the means to be as creative as I wanted to be. And with an OS which actually made sense in terms of structure and functionality. It may sound strange, but this man owes much to (this) machine.

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Walk Off? Boolander!
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I picked up some handy pointers from those Amiga Stag disks, so i guess that means the Amiga taught me something
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It taught me that I loved computers and that I wanted a career in it

Oh and also English
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It taught me that my childhood was precious and over too quick when bills, relationship and responsibility take over. Sat in my best mates bedroom playing lotus and double dragon then going home to practice so i could beat him next time. Being amazed at another world and laughing at lemmings. Drawing on dpaint. I got my amiga 500 with the batman pack christmas 1989 i was 12 years old. I feel really grateful to know i lived through the amiga glory days. What a machine, it is evident on the internet, with the following it still has.

Cheer rich
Think i have a tear in my eye, this calls for a bit of stag disk, with my finger on the amiga power button in case my mum came in and told my grange hill was starting.
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great story Jackoland, very emotional. I miss those care-free 90s, too.

Amiga taught me:

- to parallel park the tank (Hunter game)
- to fly chopper (Gunship 2000)
- to cheat in order to see boobs and bushes (Strip Poker games)
- to experiment with sounds (AudioMaster and such)
- to animate graphics (Deluxe Paint, Disney Studio)
- to use Mac without owning one
- to use English (diskmags)
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Mrs Beanbag
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without hyperbole...

everything i know!
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The Amiga taught me that the learning curve from programming on my old C64 in BASIC to trying to program anything on the Amiga was going to be extremely steep as to be something I never attempted. I did take a generic 68000 assembly programming course in college, but never tried to bring that over to the Amiga and write anything.
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What did the Amiga teach me? How to use X-Copy
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Taught me a lot.... about OS's, digital comms (BBS's etc), basic programming, sound editing... could go on for quite a while

Could almost say cracking as well, but only did it to a few programs, mainly because they were so easy to modify for what I needed..... DPU FTW
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I learned about hardware the most impressive being 28ns 128MB 72 pin EDO memory module self-built (ultra rare). ...25ns 128MB 72 pin EDO memory module project has stopped too expensive to continue at this time.

Now working on SDRAM & DDRx performance issues. (Already started issues detected).

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My first post!

I learned to stick at something. I was 11 when i got the Amiga 500 and at first it was all about the games, but then i got more interested in creating things. I wish i got into programming, but i never did. But i did learn how to use the computer more 'thoroughly' and i believe that if i never got the Amiga, i'd be a bum in a low-paying job playing consoles whenever i could. There's two types of computer users: Creators and Consumers. I'm half-way between and if the Amiga kept going another couple of years - i think i would have been a creator.

I wish the Amiga kept going, but the PC had to take over for educational reasons. Also, all my friends stopped using their Amigas and i was alone. This was in 1992, April 1992. From this, and my recent (as of a few weeks ago) re-introduction into the world of Classic Amiga i've learned that i've not since had friends like i had back then. When the Amiga scene died, there were no more all night 'hacking' sessions with my best mate and we pretty much went our separate ways.

I'm not wired right. Instead of looking back at what was so great about that time, i tend to focus on what was lost.

Amiga (memories) Forever.

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So Amiga made you elitist for me it more the other way
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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
So Amiga made you elitist for me it more the other way
The Amiga had/has no bearing on my socio-political beliefs, which are more aligned with Noam Chomsky's published views than Ayn Rand's.

I have no idea how you got the impression i was an elitist.
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Amiga teach me many things. Gaming - be hardcore gamer that do not give up easly and always find solution for problem. It teach me to explore, always try to reach different places, it often case with discovering glites or unfinshed places in modern games.It teach me to try many games by myself and do not look for reviews.
It teach mr how to use deluxe paint, as a kid I have no skill in drawing pictures, but deluxe paint was awesome toy, and it made me to collect and read different tutorials. Nowdays, I'm sure I forgot most of what I have learned, but still I like drawing and learnig how to improve my skills.
I also like workbench, I like to tweak it. I was limited when I have only real A1200, but with winuae I could change everything in wb to act as I want it. It was like first few months when I learn about uae I use it only for games, but than I move to wb tweaking. It was aditive, now I'm sure I have forgoten many stuff and I moved from custom made wb to classic wb distribution.
Wb also teach me that OS should be easy to use and functional rather than looking nice and have great visual effects. With limited amiga memory I start to learn that sometimes it is better to use simple applications from ados without gui.
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The Amiga taught me, via Digiview, the basics of digital photography before digital cameras existed. I had the whole Digiview Gold setup including supplied camera, copy stand and color wheel. I found out what photography was like in the 19th century because it took a long time to do a 640x400 color image--like two minutes--so I could only make images of subjects that didn't move very much. That made me put a lot of attention into the composition of the image and do things like still lifes and portraits of people sitting still for a minute or more.

The cool thing wasn't the process of making the digital images, it was what you could do to them after they were inside the Amiga. Stuff like taking a portait of my girlfriend and wrapping it around a sphere.
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Amiga taught me:

Computer companies are getting stupider or doing it one purpose...they cant match the Amazing OS that Workbench 3.1
and the Hardware combination that was AMIGA.
Absolutely astonishing.

But actually its more about Greed and planned obsolesence.... The Love Of Money at its best. They make cheap hardware and software on purpose to make more money.

I have to pay for WARRANTY if I want more that the 1st year of coverage? Really?
Amigas lasted 20 years with no problems and most stuff back then had LIFETIME gaurantees.

Its a scam folks...thats the way Money loving people function...they can't help it.

"Pride Goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall" <--very true
"The Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" <---very true too.

I use Modern day Computers and OS's.....I abandoned my Amiga a few years ago....WOW I feel the pain now.
Workbench 3.1 is the best OS on the planet still today ( and I mean the foundation of it and its roots and if modernized today would be killer...and please spare me the "Workbench is just a file manager..the correct name is Amiga DOS" crap) but after that OSX Tiger and OSX Snow Leopard would follow (SPACES was one of the main reasons I finally let go of Amiga...I wanted something similar to dragging screens on the Amiga to switch to another Public Screen or pressing the CTRL M to flip quickly through them...and SPACES in Leopard finally introduced that..or at least something close.)

ahh so many thing to say...

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