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Small Flatscreen Monitor for Use With an A1200

It seems that photos of modern Amiga setups often show A1200s running with small, compact, flatscreen monitors/TVs.

Does anyone have any recommendations about which monitor to buy? Preferably it would be a recent one that is still available.
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Toshiba LCD TV's seem to work very well with Amiga's in my experience
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If you want the really tiny ones (like 7") make sure they display all colours on an AGA machine. A lot of them are only like 15 bit or something.
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I have a small monitor for my Amiga 1200 when I traveling. The main thing is to make sure you have some type of AGA to VGA/DVI adapter before looking for a monitor. I got mine from Amigakit. That way most smaller VGA monitors will work. However, you might not get the resolution out that your main screen would have.

Here is a picture of it on the left using the AGA card.
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I was going to start a thread on this,but I just post it here.

If you go for a small TV route ie 19 inch,you better get in there. It seems manufacturers will still produce 19 inch TV, but it seems their are removing the HD tuner in small TV to cut cost.

I hope I am wrong here,but 19 inch TV with HD tuner is still available for now which have scart and 15 pin VGA input.

Remember 19 inch TV & below with HD tuner built-in is not that common and there is only one or two manufacturers that produce HD tuner in such a small TV.

Its a similar thing with Freesat HD tuner built-in, it seems to have disappeared from 32 inch TV & below.

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Thanks everyone. I've ordered the Indivision 1200 AGA MK2cr from AmigaKit and for now I'm going to use a DVI to HDMI cable to display it on a big LED TV.
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Thank you very much for the order
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You can get a HDMI output directly without the use of an adapter from Kipper2k's

Scroll down to HDMI Adapter.

I removed the RF output and put it there.
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