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turning a 1200 into a 500

Is it possible to swap a 1.3 ROM chip for a 3.0 ROM chip so it will permanently be a 500? Or will I have to change the entire custom chipset?
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no no no no no no nononono no... and yes

heys boing.

the chips are different and electrically not compatible so unless you burn your own (or purchased) said roms pre-loaded on compatible A1200 EProms (theres a thread about buring around here somewhere) they wouldn`t work, and most likely kill your miggy my friend..

Thats also not say that if you did manage to get comatible chips with KS1.3 on them it would work either I am afraid. in all honestly i am completely unaware if its possible as the architecture is not there on the A1200 as it needs to swich to OCS/ECS graphic modes, if the rom does'nt know anything about that i can see a lot of problems..

so what is the best to do. well you could buy or get said pre-made roms, this will cost bit atleast $15 - $20, you could buy blank roms and burn your own, thats $8 for the blank roms and $60 +> for the EEPROM programmer.

expensive eh? and theres not gurantee it wont kill your A1200 hardware.

With this price in mind it would be more effcient to buy an A500 with mem upgrade

for using A500 software on your A1200 the best method is RELO-KICK i used to use this quite a damn bit. or you could go the WHD route for games, this uses patched kick files for games to run, and run they do my friend... oh yes....

WHD is a fantastic well supported software that deserves registration its worth every cent if you dont believe me just ask KillerGorilla
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just go to www.whdload.de , register whdload and run games from the HD, without any floppies and from workbench like normal wb apps... it is an amazing software!
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