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Floppy disk Amiga CD32 & TF330 Accelerator Card...

Hi all Amigan's from all over the world,

I have a Terrible Fire 330 for my Amiga CD32. Recently I acquired it and I must say what a fantastic piece of kit it is! Truly transforms your AmigaCD32 with an 030 CPU and plenty of much needed FastRAM. In fact, much much better than the SX32-Pro which costs 10 fold nowadays lol

Anyway, just curious to hear your thoughts about this accelerator card. Any hints and tips? And pro's and con's you've experienced??

Notice the 68030 CPU is NOS? I didn't know China made more of these in today's times... wow! I can see it has a -33 serial number, being a 33mhz unit overlocked according to SysInfo v4.0 to 51.8Mhz. Runs warmish, but not hot. Great no HS or Fan required. Has anyone managed to overclock it further? Can the crystal/firmware be modified? Perhaps overclocking it to 56 or even 60mhz? I wonder if it can be done and can run stable..... hmmmm Would be great to pass the 10MIPS barrier

Let the discussions begin....

Carry on Amigan's because Amiga rulez forever, x signed by Dannyboy in OZ

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I also just got a full TF330 with Supaduper, I'm waiting to arrive ... looking forward to seeing the tips too
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Its an excellent piece of kit, transforms the CD32 into a very capable Amiga, once youve added a CF card,Keyboard and mouse.

i get around 9.8 mips (sysinfo4), runs doom attack in full screen no problems, along with many other 1st person shooters a LOT smoother than standard, turns many games into actually being playable lol.

couldnt do without it now and go back to a standard cd32, Many thanks to people like Superduper that make these things for us soldering iron virgins

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Originally Posted by dannyboy_77 View Post

In fact, much much better than the SX32-Pro which costs 10 fold nowadays lol

No it’s not. Have you even had one to make that comparison?
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lord of time
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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
No it’s not. Have you even had one to make that comparison?
I have used both and while my old SX32 had the advantage when it came to conectivity it certainly dosnt come close to the TF330 in terms of Speed, Ram capacity and stability. The TF330 costs peanuts and paired with my old ps/2 keyboard and a speedy CF card its like Shit of a shovel... the SX32 was a pain in my ass connection was as loose as a sloppy poop and it got hella hot with my old 2.5 hard drive! I have both the SX32 is boxed up in my too old to be useful cupboard and the TF330 is my daily driver while my Vamp is being repaired.
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Glen M
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The only advantage the SX-32 has is its ports but who needs those on a games console. The TF330 is the ultimate CD32 accelerator hands down.

The original TF330 firmware can be upgraded to give you a nice speed boost to around 9.2 mips from 7.8 mips (ish) but since you recently got yours it'll likely already have this.

I've ordered 2 faster crystals to try an overclock. Ordered them about a month ago now from china but obviously coming by carrier pigeon. Once they get here I'll be chasing the 10mips barrier.

One possible upgrade is to go to the full 68030 with MMU but I'm not sure how much of a speed boost it would gain. GadgetUK did this but didn't see much improvement if any.

Anyway when I get my crystals I'll be making a video on it so keep an eye out for that.
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lord of time
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I have been playing doom on mine today - i got it running full screen at a good speed by selecting the akikko c2p routine in the doom prefs.
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