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Rambo alike game (shooter horizontal+vertical)

Hey all,

the game i am looking for, i played it on an Amiga 500 i think, with extra memory (A500+ ?).

Anyhow, 1st i thought the game was Rambo, but the only Amiga Rambo game i know is Rambo 3, and thats not the game i mean.

The game has:
- same view as Rambo 3 (you see your char from top and can move east west north south and diagonals)
- scrolling was horizontal and vertical (not sure if it were seperate screens that had to be 'loaded' at transition, or that it was 1 smooth world)
- you play a character which can i think have different types of weapons
- you can kill enemies and get their weapons etc

You started the game with the most simple weapon, i think the knife. It was outside in some grassy green area, with here and there a building which you could enter. The enemies walked both inside and outside.

Thats all i know, and i just cannot seem to find this game .

Anyone knows?

Thx in advance!
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Maybe you find it here:

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Or green beret perhaps
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Old 27 October 2010, 16:18   #5
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Dogs of War maybe?
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Is it possible to use knife in Dogs of War?
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Old 27 October 2010, 16:33   #7
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Hey all, thanks for the responses so far.

It is not Dogs of War, that was a great game too .

I cannot see it on HOL as well, was checking it as well with the advanced search, but no luck so far .

If i didnt knew better i would say it was Rambo, same gameplay etc, but then outside in the wilderness (grass, huts).

I wish i would remember more, but its so long ago its a bit blurry :P
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Lemon Curry ?

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New York Warriors ?
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Old 27 October 2010, 16:54   #9
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Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
What a nice 2 player Shooter game !!
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Old 27 October 2010, 17:48   #10
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Hey guys,

sorry i have asked here, but the game was not released for the amiga, it was for the msx . Pure luck i just found it after months of searching.

It is called Super Rambo Special.

Sorry again! But thank you all for the help!
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You should post it here then :P

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Maybe someone can move it please? Wasn't aware it was for MSX and not Amiga. No wonder i couldn't find it . lol ><
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According to this http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/rambo/rambo.htm it might not have the highest priority though
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