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Dangerous Benos
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Question 3D Wargame which used serial link

1. Possible name of game
- I have no idea on the name here !!!

2. Game genre (General)
The game was a wargame/Simulation in 3D vector graphics. There were several craft you could control. Hovercraft, helecopter (hellish to control), tank and a fighter. You used the fighter and hovercraft to drop waypoints, teleport the tank and reach mission objectives. It was essentially a two player game.

4. Viewpoint
3D with internal and external views. The function keys changed the views. From miles and miles above to overhead.

5. General dates
dunno ?

6. Commercial status
Can't remember ?

7. Other specific info
Sorry !!!
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Armour Geddon II
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Yeah, Armour Geddon 1 or 2 would seem to be right:


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aka breakpoint

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yeah, it could be Armageddon...

... i remember buying a link cable and trying every bloody multiplayer game we had... those were the days
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Dangerous Benos
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So can WinUAE simulate a serial cable?

Does Winuae have anything on simulating a serial link between emulators? Or even actually using a serial link to connect two PCs?

Sweet though. Well found. You guys are slightly scary. . .

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