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Need help to setup network with an A2065

Hi Amix aficionados,

I finally got hold of an A2065 network card for my A3000. I'm running Amix 2.1x + updates and patches (X11R5, Picasso, Ariadne, etc.).
But I'm not able to figure out how to setup the network right. Here some steps I did:

I created two hosts via amixadm opt. 7:
own machine IP: A3000
2nd machine: gateway
With that I'm able to ping all hosts in my lan 168.192.0.*, but none outside my network. Makes sense, as "netstat -r" confirmed that I have no route to the outside world.

I manually added a route with "route add default gateway". This works only if I have the gateway also in the /etc/hosts file.
With that I can now ping the internet servers (via IP addresses only). But the route is gone after a reboot. So, were do I configure the gateway permanently in SVR4? I could put the above command line in some startup config file, but there is certainly a proper way to do this as it is originally intended.

3. How do I setup DNS correctly. I'm pretty sure that SVR4 supports DNS so that I don't have to populate my /etc/hosts file with hundreds of entries. Out of experience I created /etc/resolv.conf with two entries:
nameserver (that's a public google one)

But this doesn't seem to work. With "nslookup <server>" I get the following messages:
*** Can't find server name for address Not implemented
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out
*** Default servers are not available

But I'm able to ping both IPs. Not sure what's going on. I'm certainly missing something important. Any idea?

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OK, after going through all scripts and config files in /etc, I think I found out how to setup the network correctly:

1. Configure with amixadm (opt. 7) the host IP and name + IP of the router. In my case (/etc/hosts):
127.1 localhost router A3000

2. Add route to gateway. Almost at the end of (/etc/inet/rc.inet):
/usr/sbin/route add default router 1
(use the same name as in hosts files. I my case the name is "router".)

Now the only remaining issue I have is setting up DNS. I have no idea how to make it work.

- Leo24
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This should be of help:

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Thanks, Noth!

Unfortunately, the page is down and via web.archive.org the linked files are not available. I will have to figure it out for myself how to configure "named".

By the way, I have another topic. On AmigaOS side the clock is set correctly, but Amix doesn't seam to like the date. I suppose it's an Y2K issue. Do you know if there is a patch for this issue?
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