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Respect for Toni...

Hello fellow Amiga lovers,

Hmmm, yes it's about 2:40am in the UK and I am a *little* bit drunk

...was lying in bed trying to get to sleep and my mind started drifting. Started thinking about all the recent comments about WinUAE; it not being as good as it used to be, features that have been implemented are useless etc... <blah> <blah> <blah>

Had to drag myself out of bed to say the following:

Toni Wilen is a legend

I've been using WinUAE for atleast 5 years now and yes it's had it's share of ups and downs (mainly ups) as all emulators do but seriously is it not the best thing since sliced bread???

I mean, look at other emulators floating around... Where else can you join a forum and have an author of the best emulator available for that particular platform answering questions as much as humanly possible while trying to make improvement at the same time??? Toni is a very active member here and we are all very lucky for this reason

Seriously, I know that a load of members here use WHDLoad and pay the fee to use such a great product. As I'm sure many know that I don't actually use WHDLoad as yet... Crazy I know, but to me WinUAE is one of the best emulators around and I have donated accordingly as I use it all the time

In all truth, if it wasn't for Toni and WinUAE I wouldn't even be remotely interested in anything Amiga anymore and it would have died a long time ago for me. There's no way I would have even found EAB... When I discovered WinUAE I literally was over the moon

After all this dedication, WinUAE is a still free product for everybody to enjoy. Toni spends all this personal time / hard work because he has a passion... Ask yourself, how often does WinUAE get beta / full releases compared to other emulators? Try sending a bug report to authors of other emus and see if you get a response

Sorry just had to let all this out...

Anyway, to rap it up... If you appreciate everything that Toni has done / continues to do for the Amiga community, speak up and post your comments

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Well said DamienD, well said. Anyone who has tried to use UAE on linux or macOSGAYSEX will testify to how great winuae is.

Toni you are a legend, and despite any negative comments you may recieve your work is definately appreciated. Something as complex as winuae can never be completely done and yet you keep working away at it.

Big thanks from me, it's not always practical to use "The Real Thing (TM) Akira 2001" and winuae is a great companion for a real amiga when you need to do meaningless tasks quickly or test something out or just have a game session.

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the guy is a rock star!!
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WinUAE is the greatest software there is!
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Alcohol helps people recognizing that winuae is really great lool

just my 2 pences XD
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No alcohol needed here to see that WinUAE is great .
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I couldn't agree more. I don't normally run Microsoft on any of my machines, but after recieving a copy of DamienD's snes dvd, I setup a Windows box in the lounge and installed the latest Winuae and the progress since I last properly used it (0.8.??) is astounding.

While praising Toni for his efforts, I also think that Richard Drummond should also be praised for the work he has done with euae. I use euae more than winuae simply because my desktop machine runs linux and my laptop runs netbsd, and they are the machines I spend most of my time using.

Like DamienD, if I had not discovered uae, I would never have bothered with the Amiga again. So realy I think we should sing praise to everyone who has ever worked on uae in any of it's forms. It is without a doubt one of the greatest pieces of software ever written, and WinUAE is easily the best incarnation of it.
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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People who slag WinUAE are morons. It's easily the best and most professional emulator I've ever used.

And to be honest if Toni said "Well guys, I've had enough of this WinUAE lark. I'm going to retire." I'd be perfectly happy with it as it was.
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Its about time someone on here pointed out more positives than negatives about something such as WinUAE I dont use it myself, although i "have" used it, but i only use real Amiga's, all that is beside the point. What you have said Damien is very true and i applaud you for your comment. Less slagging on here and more encouragement.

Well done and thankyou Toni for WinUAE
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Got to agree with DamiedD - how could you not?

WinUAE is a superb emulator. It rekindled my interest in all things Amiga. I loved using the Amiga so much when I was a kid and recently I've had the chance to relive all that again. It's all because WinUAE is there...

...and without Toni there would be no WinUAE. He's a top man, no doubt about it!
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uber cool demi god

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I havent been a regular poster of these forum's but i do read them quite often and i cannot believe for one thing how much the Amiga is still worshipped, i absolutey adored my A500 and didn't think any one else appreciated their Amiga's as much as me, i was wrong.

I also couldnt believe that we had "THE" WINUAE (from which i have been a regular user of since '99, IIRC) maintainer actually visiting and posting on this forum, and then even more surprised to see that he is improving it almost straight away after somebody on this forum has found a bug etc.

THANK YOU ALOT Toni Wilen, and everyone else that made it all possible. Definately legends.
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Yup. Respects!
...and for THE File Master
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Doc Mindie
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WinUAE helps alot in the daily horrors of Windows.

Thank you Toni... May you live a long time and get all your ideas done

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It seems to be one of those sad facts of life that people tend to bring up negatives about things but take the positives as written. I've read some of the less constructive feedback comments have made about WinUAE but like to think that these come across as negative as written word can often misrepresent the sentiment.

I whole heartedly agree with you all that WinUAE is a truly fantastic piece of software and Toni is a great, great guy for producing this masterpiece and being on hand to assist and comment on people's queries. But I also have to say that this forum and the people within it are truly awesome. It would be a truly wonderful world if people in the real world helped each other out with such selflessness.

I thank you ALL. You are ALL great!

But Toni more so.

And perhaps KG.

Oh, and DamienD.

I think that's it.
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Originally Posted by vroom6sri
And perhaps KG.
I just bundle together other people's work (and possibly make an icon), it's hardly anywhere near what Toni has done.

If it wasn't for WinUAE (along with WHDLoad and to a lesser extent SPS) I probably wouldn't be typing this at all. WinUAE is a sublime piece of work, and granted it's not all Toni's work, but the amount of time and effort he's put in to getting it to where it is now is frankly quite astounding.

Kudos to you Toni, and may your enthusiasm never dwindle
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That's true ,
Toni make an incredible job with winuae, respect for that
And respect because he continues to read our crazy threads and our crazy questions.
Seriously, i had problems with 4 channels option and he did a huge job on this for helping. big big respect for that

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Another bowdown thread for Toni? Why not. I have it in daily use for amiga related stuff. Yesterday i was happy you see that another CDTV game is working now. Great Job Toni, and forget the EAB trolls.
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Gets there in the end...

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All this talk about "the new Amiga" and actually I consider WinUAE to be a new Amiga. It can do many things a lot faster than my real Amigas and also has a pretty good and always improving "backwards compatibility"!

I first tried UAE in 1995/96 on linux and am constantly amazed that I'm still using UAE over a decade later!

Yes, I agree with DamienD too!
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I'm always amazed how much work and dedication he puts into it at a constant level. There seems to be no day where he doesn't work on improving WinUAE with bugfixing and adding new things. I can't imagine where WinUAE would be without him.
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I would say BIG RESPECT for Toni, not that I'm using Winuae, but maybe one day their will be no more functional amigas around , then it would be nice to be able to use Winuae

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