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King Quest amiga music

From the many differences in between King Quest Amiga and PC versions, the soundtrack is the one that intrigues me the most. Before writing this post I checked KQ4 and KQ5 and the music look like it's a .mod version of the pc midi music. Notes do not overlap and there is 100% channel separation. I know this don't mean it's a standard 4 channel .mod, but probably a close enough format.

I know today it might be best to listen to those music using the .mid RIP on high quality equipment, but I would be curious to see how the amiga version was done and, why not just enjoy listening it?

To my surprise I have found no rip of those game amiga version on the internet. So it was expected that ExoticRipper did not find music on the game disk, maybe it was compressed? I have no experience at ripping while installing a chip software module, and I'm not even sure I understand that part of Exotic and Jack right, or if WHDLoad will disable that, but it might be an interesting approach as the music is most probably uncompressed in memory. Or maybe there is an sierra unpacker available that I did not find.

So if anybody have an idea or any input about that, I would be most interested to hear about it.
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I'm not sure about KQ4 and KQ5 but some Amiga Sierra ports have an MT-32 driver included and sounds pretty much identical to the PC version if you use an MT-32 alike device. Usually the default is amiga.drv or default.drv or something like that. So I would guess it's just a proprietary midi soundfile and the amiga.drv is the instrument file and driver for it.
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They use their own midi-like format.
On PC this plays to MT-32 or whatever midi driver is there.
On Amiga it uses a patch (sample file), though not all Sierra games have one (KQ5 does, KQ4 doesn't).
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What you say make sense with how the music play. Some more simple music (in term of simultaneous notes) work quite well with the driver, some (the tower organ for instance) sound like they where butchered up by a process not totally on point. I guess they could had added support for a more elaborate software solution like gmplay for those with a better cpu. Anyway, my interest was into believing they somehow made a .mod port of the music, oh well... too bad. Thank you alot grelbfarlk and meynaf for answering my question.
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