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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
No need to be arrogant StingRay
How is it arrogant when I say my honest opinion? Only because it differs from yours doesn't make it arrogant!
If you would have read carefully what I wrote you would have seen something like
Originally Posted by StingRay
"Definitely not bad for a 14 year old but nothing to write home about either."
Want to see the arrogant version of that?

"Man, that shit fucking sucks, my grandma could do better".

Anyway, all I say here is that I'm not as impressed as the rest of you seems to be, it would have been an average
demo back in the day and even if he calls it "game" there is a LOT missing that would make it anything half-decent. But since I know people who want to misunderstand that very sentence WILL misunderstand it, my ultimate rating is: Nice effort, not bad, but definitely nothing special. You may call that arrogant as much as you want, it's my opinion.
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OT Whore
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Well it all depends on your personal abilities...

That's pretty impressive for a 14 years old, unless you stingray could do something the same or better at the same age, then it doesn't impress you that much and I can understand that...let's all respect each other's opinions and feelings about things.

I for one would be damn fucking proud if my 14 years old son was making something similar. Writing assembly at 14 is quite uncommon imo.
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Not many people without help made a game with that quality,it's not the work of one afternoon,never mind of age who he had

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