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Amiga Podcasts... We need more of them.

What ever happened to Amiga Roundtable. It's been months since they churned out a new episode. It stopped at Episode 41. I miss those guys, Rich Lawerence and gang.

The Amiga Community needs more podcasts like this. Retrobits' Earl Evans only did one Amiga episode. But we need more podcasts that will cover Winuae emulation, Amiga Forever, Amikit, Amiga Hardware, all the way to the post Commodore stuff like Morph OS and OS4.

I just wanna hear the community speak via mp3 say what they feel about the amiga community. most mp3s are demo music. but we need a podcast similar to the linux community. anyone agree with me. you don't have to agree, its just a feeling of mine. more podcasts.
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Hey thanks for missing us. This is Sean from the show...

I think I started the trend.. my new job and a relocation to Philadelphia and family sorta took me away from the show quite a bit and I couldn't devote the time to even showing up for a recording. Rich had a similar circumstance- and heck it was his baby.. so the show had to go on hiatus.

It was a lot of fun and we got to meet/talk to some really cool people. Perhaps we will return. We all certainly had our own opinions that was for sure and sometimes that wasn't shown on the show, more behind the scenes.

From what I understand, Wayne on another board just posted about seeing if a group would like to start up a new podcast. I wish them all luck!
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Hey guys and gals (There are women Amiga users right?!)

Sorry for the delay, but not sure if any of you read the short thread I killed on Amigaworld about why the shows were on hiatus, but we're slowly gearing back up for a new run of shows. I just got Newstek all caught up, and I am lining up content for Carrier Whistle.

As for Amiga Roundtable, yeah, we're working on something nice.

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I heard that Amiga Round Table rules!

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any chance of some linkys plz
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