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group game coding project


first a quick intro, being post #1. i was going to register and write something last sunday, but got delayed waiting on a detail. still not received it, but i'll post shortly without it, including a bit more about me

so why i post now is, i've just discovered a surprisingly unmined vein of gaming potential. surprising due to the extensive infiltration i am used to seeing like everywhere i normally turn. perhaps i've been doing something differently and better

back to the point. has anyone here played the game tower bloxx or city bloxx (or pyramid bloxx...) by the company digital chocolate? if you want to try it, it's available widely

then you'll understand that it's a game that works very well (i've played it a lot) due to great design. the more obvious unique point of this game is that it works off presses of a single button. not even long presses, just single presses (staccato is the word, i've been reading on pianos this week, nice coincidence) in rhythm with the action on-screen. the other, i'd say less obvious point that makes the game is how this core thing has been integrated into a fulfilling whole. at first you play and think ok this is kind of fun, but i don't want to feel like i'm wasting my time, and then you see how your efforts are being used to build on. it's quite satisfying and reassuring that this is a quality experience, and that the town-building aspect is actually decent gaming in itself

ok i included points not directly necessary to this discovery, but i did manage to cover all my views on this game at once

ok, so once you can appreciate the existence of the genre of one-button gaming, you can then appreciate more this next thing

i do not have inclination to either be heavily involved in nor to own this project*. i think it's just something that should be done, and also what is the greatest group to be doing this? *let's all just have equality, whoever does want to contribute, that is

the game to make, is... scalextric/slotcar racing! can you believe that no such thing exists? there is slotcar mania, which is actually a cool frogger game rather than a slotcar racer. so the field is wide open
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edits: grammar & meaning, i should say "i do not have inclination either to be heavily...", not "i do not have inclination to either be heavily..."

i chose the typeface courier new, i am gobsmacked at the available selection and also possibly at the lack of a plaintext, traditional, option

i should also include the course of the discovery. simply, i was browsing game boy color games and one caught my eye by its title, hot wheels stunt track master. my imagination got the better of me, the game is very bad. one aspect is that the cars seem unable to steer, looking on youtube. i had to try for myself to find out that this is not the case, but really what an awful game, i wish i hadn't had to mention it. the plus side is large moving scenery. anyway, you can see at what point i made the slotcar connection. i am sure too that the exposure to tower/city bloxx prepared me to notice this

i was pleased that consecutive posts do not get merged here, as happens at some boards. must be a bad enough thing to have left me scarred

i realise that this is a dev log. so it seems i'll keep going into comprehensive detail rather than typing informal & loose

against better judgement, i came and posted about the controller, before enough thought or research, so got tripped up by an error, hence deleting a load of text now--still closing tabs and it turns out what i'd typed was ok, including described memory. i'll restore it exactly, but not now. according to info found at Controller for Analogue track, with brake button? - SlotForum and surrounding comments

closing browser tabs and discovered Scalextric ARC ONE which would have been a suggestion here, to computer-control physical game

possible contention of leave scalextric sacred and physical, and not rip it off for virtualised entertainment. can counter that it'll be done by someone some day, and we'll do it best possible, first

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well here are contributions already. labelling the proposal as contribution #0, here's contribution #1

adapter to convert actual slotcar controllers to computer platform

technical: multiple controllers to one or two 9 pin d-sub, usb, bluetooth. it'd be simple & low-cost

if possible to be done nicely, add some kind of additional controls to complement the game control, for game interface

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If you ever find some people to help finish this project, there will also be a perfect Amiga-compatible controller available for it:

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