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Catweasel MK4 writing C64 disks help

This isn't exactly an Amiga hardware problem, but it seems like there are a lot of folks here with a Catweasel.

I recently bought one for reading and writing Amiga and C64 disks. I managed to get Amiga disks working, but I'm having trouble with C64 disks. I have tried with two 5.25" floppy drives and they both behave the same way. I can read C64 disks fine, but when I try to write a disk, the drive does nothing at all. It doesn't start spinning, no activity light, no nothing. Not even an error message from Imagetool. It will just sit there forever.

The drives seems to work under straight DOS. I can write files to a disk with DOS to a PC format disk.

The drives are Teac FD-55GFR. I'm using the Catweasel drivers CWMK4020407, which are the only ones that seem to work with Amiga disks (along with the "hotfix" imagetool). I've got the 5.25" drive set as drive B and the 3.5" drive as drive A. I've tried making the 5.25" be drive A on the cable alone. I've tried without the passthrough. I've tried disabling the drives in the PC's bios. None of this seems to make any difference. I can read but not write in all cases.

Is this problem familiar to anyone? I emailed Jens, but I'm sure he's busy since I haven't gotten a reply in a week.
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The hotfixed imgtool only works for Amiga disks, at least according to the manual..

Get the newest drivers.

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