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Coding New Software on Amigas

Morning all,

Now that I have a stable (touch wood) Amiga installation, I'm thinking about having a crack at programming on the machine. However, after numerous Google searches, I'm still not sure what language I should use.

I'm stuck between a version of AMOS or Blitz Basic, but need advice on:

- Which works best on an Amiga 1200? (Is AMOS compatible with AGA?)
- Which has the best programming resources?
- Are they both free?

I see that someone here has an AMOS link in their sig. Perhaps they may be able to offer some advice?

Perhaps we could have a sticky knocked-up with AMOS, Blitzbasic and other programming links etc? It would make a fantastic resource, and may encourage others to have a tinker at programming something on their Amigas.

Thanks for reading.
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Moved to Coders Heaven and have a look here : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=51599
Might even merge the threads if that's for you?
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I keep meaning to focus on learning some AMOS - I have never programmed and the whole idea seems very daunting but on the other hand it should be very rewarding and a lot of fun.

So far I am ashamed to say I have only progressed so far as to load Easy AMOS and thumb through a few books and guides... I then, more often than not just start playing a game!

Still it's snowing again outside so you never know!
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AMOS can create games using AGA with the right extension, but I have never tried it myself. I am not sure about Blitz Basic, but I suspect it can use AGA.

AMOS is probably the easiest language to learn if you have no programming knowledge at all. It can do a lot of things, but it is very ineffecient compared to Blitz Basic.

AMOS is free, I would suggest downloading AMOS Pro and make sure you get the 2.0 upgrade adfs/disks. You can get all the help, files and just about anything else you need concerning AMOS at http://amos.ultimateamiga.co.uk/ AKA the AMOS Factory. The full AMOS manual is hosted on the site in HTML and PDF format. If you really don't have a clue about programming concepts at all and feel a bit daunted then maybe try out the teaching program on the Easy AMOS disks. It should help you get to grips with the terminology and basics of programming, but have a read through the first couple of chapters of the AMOS Pro manual first and it should give you an idea of where you should start.

Blitz Basic is a lot more powerful and difficult to learn than AMOS in my honest opinion. There are not as many resources available for it around the internet compared to AMOS, although there are some and I guess they should suffice for your needs. I highly doubt the owners of BB still sell it and I am 100% sure you won't get in trouble if you download it from somewhere on the internet. I may still have a boxed copy of it with a manual(s) somewhere, if you would be willing to pay small amount plus postage then I will happily send it to you.

I would recommend AMOS Pro over Blitz Basic until you have got to grips with programming. Anything you would code at your level would be a breeze in AMOS and you will get as much help as you need at the AMOS Factory site.If you are really dedicated and want to do some technical programming then you should go for Blitz Basic. Some great games like Skidmarks and Super Skidmarks were made using it. I consider BB to be the C++ of the Basic languages and I was really impressed with it when I tried it out.

I hope that helped and not confused you some more. Good luck on your programming adventure.

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Blitz Basic II Programming Language

There's also this....


If you can get access to Magix's FTP server (see this thread):
I will upload
Ultimate Blitz Basic 2.1 CD ISO image - RAR archive [8.61MB]
there for you (it's too big to be uploaded to the Zone).


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Also check out AmiBlitz3:
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