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Walkthrough: The Amiga 500 "Chicken Lips"

After nearly a month of research and investigation, I created a short 10 minute video that's all about the legendary and highly coveted early Amiga 500 "Chicken Lips". In the video I tried to address what makes this machine so special and unique for future collectors and historians. I hope you like my efforts.
[ Show youtube player ]

Also, if video isn't your thing (or you're in a work environment), I created an article version as well with lots of close-up photos to read at your leisure.

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Watched, loved it. Thanks!
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Ah, yours is too recent, the first ones had the rev3 motherboard, which says the revision on the backside. :-)
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Nice video and informations! I thought I would check out the internals of my “Chicken Lips” A500. I bought in the USA about 15 years ago. Came with everything that it would have come with new and it’s like new still. I only play floppy games with it. It was always the most reliable A500 I have ever had.


Embossed CL top…. Check
Made in USA bottom S/N CA120852b …. Check
Rev 3 Green Motherboard S/N 000784 - ’87 ’88 …. Check
Kickstart ROM v1.2 .... Check
Chinon FB-354 Rev A Disk Drive S/N 10134952 (I love how the disk glides out rather than snaps out) …. Check
Space Invaders Hi-Tek keyboard …. Check
Even the original PSU is “Chicken Lips” If that counts…. Check.
Original box with styrofoam inserts (kinda ratty - have not checked the SN) ….. Check
Original tank mouse …. Check

Nothing is yellowed and the keyboard is like new too. I was going to sell it but I might rethink that now!

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The end part is a little confusing since it mentions "No Extra Half-Brite mode" and I swear it was available on my a500 when I used SEUCK as a kid (would have to fire it up again to verify though). But after reading it a second time I guess that's referring to certain variations of the a500?
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LOL. All the A500 have the halfbright mode from day 1.

Otherwise, games like Simon the sorcerer, Nippon Safes, History Line, Traps'n'Treasure, Black Crypt, Desert Strike would not run.
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Yes only early A1000's didn't have it.
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