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Amiga Repair Help

I've picked up an Amiga 500 off of a friend who has had it in storage for about 22 years. So ive started cleaning it because it is absolutely filthy dirty and covered in grime. I've got to the point where i have took the main circuit board out but noticed that the Battery capacitor has leaked and it does look like some has gone onto the board itself although not to bad.

Looking at the other capacitors on the board it appears some may have been replaced in the past. Is there anywhere UK based that you would recommend that i can send this off to get the broken capacitor fixed and possibly the others replaced?

I know you can get the capacitors off of Ebay but my soldering skills are very poor.
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A normal A500 should not have a battery on the main PCB. If there is a battery, this is an A500+. The capacitors on an A500 usually do not leak and do not have to be replaced like in the newer SMD models (A600, A1200),
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If you had some pictures it could probably help us identify the board and advise. if it's a battery that's leaked you'll want to give the board a wash down with white vinegar to neutralize the alkali from the battery. if it's a leaked cap then isopropyl alcohol will do. Once that's done it's bets to check the traces with a multimeter with a continuity tester on it.

Caps replacement on an A500 is trivially simple as they are through hole caps, as long as you get the right caps to replace anyone with a soldering iron and half steady hands can do it.
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