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Fellow under my opinion, is the most amiga-like emulator.
It is slow, but stable - easy to use, hard to mess-up with and it
has a great performance under Clean Dos!

I downloaded two archives of two different versions.
The one archive was full of files, the other only had an
executable fellow.exe

So I over-wrote the old one and I experience the best
performance ever saw, the point is does it matter if I don't
eject the disk on that emulator before I enter another one?
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Fellow slow? I find it QUITE FAST, and a lot more than WinUAE. I liek it a lot, too..

Anwyay, no, it does not matter, it will auto-eject the disk. This works the same for all emus.
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Old 30 May 2001, 23:13   #3
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I've found it slow.

In my experience I've found Fellow to be slower than WinUAE at loading stuff but once in the game, it seems to be more stable and generally better than WinUAE.

WinUAE is best at finding whether you have a good adf because the loading is fairly swift. If WinUAE struggles with it, I usually switch to Fellow to try and get whatever it is to work.
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Tim Janssen
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Every Amiga emulator runs slow on my machine.

I only have installed Fellow for DOS on my Pentium 90. It seems this is the fastest emulator for slow machines. I have never tried Win UAE, though.
All emulated Amiga games are a pain to play on my P90. With sound turned off, 500 Kb mem and no extra discdrives a simple game like Army Moves still moves and plays very s-l-o-w.

Damn. It is time for a PC upgrade.
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WinUAE works fine on my P133, if I use it with Picasso emulation. However, any time the custom chipset is needed, it goes back to crawl speed. I only use WinUAE for apps though, so it suits me fine.

About Fellow... it doesn't matter really how much memory you emulate, or how many disk drives. Just try and use frameskipping... with a 1/2 or 1/3 frameskip ratio, I can play decently, with sound turned on (at mono, 22050). However I dont use the latest DOS fellow, because the sound buffer has been tampered with and I get buffer underruns. I recommend quite a few previous versions (0.30 or 0.31, cant remember which one I use)
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Karl Stodulski
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I tend to use Fellow if I can- it tends to run the fastest for me and seems to be more compatible generally with Amiga software.

As with Gibby, WinUAE on my system tends to be quicker at loading ADFs, but overall I find Fellow gives better performance.

When trying to run AGA games, I tend to hit problems with framerates. It's only then that I tend to mess with the screen refresh rate (set to 2). I generally set the CPU meter to about 7, whether the program requires the AGA chipset or not.

I use WinUAE 0.8.8 and Fellow 0.33, on an AMD K6-2 500 with 64MB of RAM.

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you rather mean 0.3.2a and 0.3.3, I guess.
0.3.2a will run everything where 0.3.3 crashes completely, games with broken code like The Plague or the Paradox cracked version of Ruff'n Tumble.

Well I agree what you say about 0.3.6 R1, but it's not just that. I've found out that the gfx is incredibly WASHY in 0.3.6 R1 compared to 0.3.3, you can see it clearly with moving sprites.
(not as awful as the new WinUAE running Lemmings III AGA, though ...)
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