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The Emulation Holy Grail

Using the latest WinUAE 4.21 I have finally managed to achieve what appears to be stable lagless vsync (beamrace). I can use a slice of 4 without any tearing or glitching I can notice. This setting should in theory bring the latency down related to the screen refresh to 5ms (.25/50) as far as I understand it.

In practice this means the latency I "feel" when using the machine is imperceptible compared to a real hardware Amiga. I can play Pinball Fantasies properly and I notched up a 70M score (first go) to prove it - try that with old lagless vsync.

This truly is the Amiga emulation "Holy Grail" to quote Toni.

So this thread is a celebration of this fantastic feature in WinUAE - encourage all of you to try and use this setting if you are not already. I have some small issues which I will create a separate thread for (but I can always roll back to earlier version for those cases until I understand how to resolve or a fix is made).

To get any vsync mode working you need a refresh rate on your monitor which matches the refresh rate of the Amiga you are emulating (or perhaps a multiple of the refresh rate - I haven't tried this). I am using HDMI to connect to my monitor and fortunately, HDMI guarantees a 50Hz 1080 screen mode.

I have an NVIDIA graphics card, a cheap one, but it is good enough for 4 slice for old Amiga games, a GT1030 (the good version, not the bad version). For this to work in a stable way on my PC I had to
  • use DirectX11 on miscellaneous setting in WinUAE
  • I also had to go to my NVIDIA control panel and select "Prefer Maximum Performance" on Power Management Mode setting.
  • Finally I also required to change my "Adjust Image Settings with Preview" slider to performance rather than Quality.
This last step has a noticeable impact to performance on other areas of my PC: games, video etc. so I may need to play with the slider depending on what I am planning to do - but at least I have the option to control this. With this all configured I can bring the latency down to amazing levels! This in my opinion is the last big hurdle for WinUAE in emulating Amigas. There is always scope for improvement but this feature was worthy of the increase from version 3 to 4.

Thanks to Toni for implementing this great feature!
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I recently bought a new PC with an Intel Core i3-8100 CPU, and all I had to do was fit an old graphics card lying around for the graphics, or so I thought: the card turned out to be dead. It turns out that the integrated graphics on the CPU were good enough for the older games I had (not a fan of modern games).

How does Beamrace fare on UHD Graphics 630? I use the old DirectX 9 on WinUAE without any issues, but I wonder if I should eschew DirectX 9 in favour of this new-fangled mode? How does Beamrace improve emulation on a 50Hz max 1080p screen?
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sorry, again i read about "beamrace". obviously beamrace is not a game...
so what is this? i already searched but i still don't have found an answer...
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I couldn’t get it to work on my work laptop with an rtx 2070. Just did everything in slow motion.
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Originally Posted by honx View Post
sorry, again i read about "beamrace". obviously beamrace is not a game...
so what is this? i already searched but i still don't have found an answer...

Check this article.


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...and this thread: Input latency measurements (and D3D11)
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