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help me smooth scroll

Helloto everyone, excusemy badEnglish.I would like toknow how toset theWinUAEto haveasmoothscrollingas theoriginalAmiga.is it possible?I would like toturn thescrollof the last partof the demo planet groove of the hoi team, but Ialso have asmoothscrollingin all gamesandallthe demos.Can you help me?thanks

p.s. I caught uptrying toseta goodlevel offluency inecsbut not inAga, but themusic ismuch faster andout of sync

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Set custom resolution in windows with nvidia

Above i give you an example how to set custom resolution at 50 hz display refresh rate with nvidia cards, your display mut be capable to handle the 50 hz requency and you must disable the Direct3D in Winuae -> miscalenous -> Graphics API or else you get black screen, so you must be set the graphics API to DirecDraw. Then you can set the custom resolution in winuae -> display menu with 50 hz refresh rate, if you do all right with the custom resolution then in winuae -> display menu at the refresh rate pull down menu you will get the next : 50 Hz Pal (*). Finaly you must set here (winuae -> Display ) below at the Settings the Native display to : Fullscreen low latency VSync
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As far as I know, the black screen Direct3D bug has been fixed. I never see it anymore using the latest version. Also its not enough to have a 50Hz capable graphics card - to see true 50Hz mode you MUST have a 50Hz capable HD LCD monitor with HDMI input. As far as I know, all HD monitors with HDMI are capable of 50Hz displays. The only way is to have a HDMI cable from your graphics card to the monitor. This combined with Full Screen Low Latency Vsync (50Hz PAL + No Buffering) will give you a true 50Hz display and super smooth Amiga graphics with synchronised sound. SWOS is a dream to play now on WinUAE.

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Damn me for my accursed cheap PC, cheap monitor and cheap gfx card...

Thine eye's will never the the goodness of smootheth scrolling!
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I must say that I like my crt @100Hz more than my lcd @50Hz.
Yes, SWOS is a dream.
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100% constant non-skipping framerate is not possible on modern multitask machines which runs a multitask OS. The reason is that the CPU handles interrupts all the time, and it's busy with other things every now and then.
Smooth scrolling is possible, but not never-ever-a-single-skip like on Amiga text scrollers and the like.
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thank you very much to all. I will trysoon,but Ithink itwill not work because unfortunatelymy monitordoes not support50hz. I hopeit works. Hello everyoneand thanks
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@8bitbubsy: a minimal Linux system with a kernel compiled with a good scheduler souch as BFS and having just the minimal processes in the background can guarantee continuous smooth scroll IF the emulator has a good video/audio sync.
MAME, with it's source-code tweaked for 60Hz in all games, in souch a system, DOES run smooth forever in the right video mode (the monitor must sync perfectly, too).
Same goes for Mednafen.
E-UAE and P-UAE lack a good audio/video sync, so it's impossible to get perfectly smooth scroll with them. FPGA Amigas are the solution for this
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