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New to WinUAE, some basic questions...

I'm brand new to WinUAE (and Amiga for that matter). I have WinUAE installed and the few ADF games I've tried all seem to start up fine, but then I'm stuck at the opening screen and can't move on to play the actual game. Almost certainly this seems to be I just don't know what to do here, is there a normal keypress or action needed to get things going? I've tried a few basic thing (e.g. all keys, joystick input, reloading the disks) but can't figure it out. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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Joystick emulation should be in virtual port 1, mouse in port 0. Arrows to move, right ctrl as fire button:

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Depending on what games/adfs you've downloaded, many of them are 'cracked' and display a 'cracking screen' - showing the group or individuals responsible. These usually require a simple left mouse click to bypass before the game proper starts. Sometimes it may be 'Esc' or 'Return' key instead.
Try a few different combinations to see if any of these get the game(s) started for you...
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Thanks folks, that's got me started. It turns out the biggest problem is that WinUAE is defaulting the first port to "HID-compliant mouse" which does not work, but if I select "Windows Mouse" instead, my mouse works. Is there a way I can get it to always default to "Windows Mouse" instead?

Also, the screen does not seem to fit within the WinAUE window, the right hand portion is cut off. If I use full screen I can see everything, or if I change scan from "double" to "normal" I can see everything in the window. When scan is "double" things look better ... is there any way to have the window fit properly when set to "double"?

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