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Old 03 October 2008, 01:11   #1
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Angry Problems with Classic WB on my A1200

I have some problem on my Amiga 1200. I have installed ClassicWB on my CF from my PC. When i put in my amiga and when the workbench is loaded all appear functional, i can launch games from iGame, DOpus etc, but if I try to open the hd system (DH0) from desktop my amiga crash each time.

I have tryed other preinstalled system and it work fine, but i will happy with classicwb.
My expansion card is a MicroniK / Utech RA-1210 with 8Mb

Thanks in advance and sorry for my little english
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That is a very unusual problem and sounds hardware or file system related. The fact that you have tried other pre-installed setups however seems to point to software.

So, you are using a CF-IDE adaptor right?

How big are your partitions on the CF? What filesystem?

Other people use the ClassicWB on A1200's with CF and don't have problems. I'm almost certain it isn't an issue with ClassicWB itself, but more with its install on the CF device.

Try booting into pure Workbench mode (hold right mouse button on boot) and see if it still crashes when you double click DH0:
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Thanks for your response.

In previous post i forgot to tell you what version I tried of ClassicWB (was the full) and my CF is a Trascend 133x 4GB (only 1 partion around 3900MB and standard filesystem with Max Transfer set to 0x1fe0000), but i tried on a small CF 66x 256MB and i got same issue.

With ClassicWB Lite edition I can open without any problem my HD (but got a strange problem with kickload from whdload with pinball fantasy/illusion aga ... work with ClassicWB full).

I'm going to reinstall ClassicWB full on my CF to try with right mouse button on boot.

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Tried now, with right mouse button on boot and in the shell LoadWB, I can open my HD. With normal startup of full version opening my HD power led blink and guru meditation screen for me

I'm using ClassicWB Full with WB3.1 if that can help to find out my problem
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Try to make 2 partition HD, first 320mb for System ,other all..
Also maybe you have power supply problem,test if you can other PSU.
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Old 04 October 2008, 00:45   #6
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The last try was on 256mb cf, now i'm going to try with psu of my A500
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What CPU you got in that 1200? With 060 and wrong libraries, it gurus when opening any drive icons. I'm guessing looking at your sig that this is not the issue, but just thought I'd check.
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Old 04 October 2008, 11:20   #8
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I have only a standard amiga 1200 rev 1d4 (68020/14) atm with an expansion memory (MicroniK / Utech RA-1210 with 8Mb and RTC).

I tried my with other psu and obtain same issue. The strange is that amiga work with lite edition

Now i found an old hard drive in my drawer (seagate 524mb) i'm going to try it with full version, maybe is something with my cf adaptor

Thanks all for your time
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The fact you can open your hard drive with the right mouse button boot to pure Workbench makes it sound like a Scalos issue. Perhaps that's why other preinstalled Workbenches work - they don't use Scalos.

I just can't understand why it would only affect your machine. It would seem like a CF setup issue; I doubt your adaptor is faulty.

I'm not familiar with setting up CF cards and you've explained that you've tried a smaller one with the same result. You said what the maxtransfer value is - what about the mask value? Also, your maxtrans value seems strange. Look here:


It would be useful if you could test a real hard drive, then we can at least try and identify the cause.

When you go back to your adaptor, can you please try and disable FBlit:

under the menubar Settings->FBlit->disable


Launch/Buttonmenu Settings->FBlit->disable

then try.

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Old 04 October 2008, 14:27   #10
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No way with standard hd too, i followed this settings with smartfilesystem http://wiki.abime.net/amiga:killergo...winuae_realhdd and with standardfilesystem.

With CF i disabled FBlit but issue persist (try with two partition too 1 of 500MB (DH0) and other 3.5GB (DH1)) with both filesystem
My settings for cf are max transfer 0x1fe00 (tried 0x1fc00 too) mask 0x7ffffffe block size 512kb

Maybe i have problem with my memory card? i have pull out from my amiga and ClassicWB Full work, but is strange becuase i not have any other problem with that. an incompatibility of my expansion card with scalos?

you know any memory test program to test that?

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There are a few memtest programs on Aminet but I haven't used them:


What is the name of your Workbench/DH0: partition?

I'm really struggling to think of the problem. There is an alternative which you may have already tried, AmigaSYS 4:


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Old 04 October 2008, 15:21   #12
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AmigaSYS4 works fine, allready tested (in install option i can select ra120 as memory expansion, is not the same as mine but really close)

My DH0 partition name is System.

I'm going to try some memory test and i want try a clean installation of wb3.1 with mui+scalos (just for curiosity)

thx again
Old 17 October 2008, 18:39   #13
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Take you memory card out completely and try it.
It will run slow but you will know for sure.
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Old 11 January 2013, 11:27   #14
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Found this thread via Google yesterday. However I wanted to post after I tried the here proposed solutions. No luck with them either, but I managed to find a workaround for the problem. I hope it helps someone as well (albeit the original post is somewhat old), so here it goes:

I have a similar setup (escom 1200 1d4 ks3.0 + Micronik RA-1210 8MB, CF2IDE adapter with a 4G card partitioned into three, ClassicWB) and experienced the same issue:

- Without the Micronik card I could bring up DH0: DH1: etc. from WB and it worked fine. With the card I got a software failure and it reboot. However opening a shell or dopus and browsing the drives worked fine all the time.
- I could run whdload or any program I tried without any problems.
- If I removed the RA-1210 opening DH0: etc. worked again from WB.
- Before the CF (until 2 days ago...) I had a 262MB HDD (that came originally with the machine) with 'pure' WB3.0 installed and everything was fine.
- I tried changing the maxtrans and FBlit with no luck (since opening up the RAM Disk caused the same problem I had not much faith in these...).

However Bloodwych mentioned in this thread that it could be a Scalos issue.

I went to the Scalos config and clicked through the options. When I clicked on "plugins" I got the same error (and reboot), so I went and removed all plugins from the Scalos/Plugins directory. That solved it I could open DH0: etc from WB. So I removed them from the plugins list, copied back everything to Scalos/Plugins and added them back one-by-one.

In my case the FileTypes.plugin was causing the problems. I am new to ClassicWB (and basically I am an amiga owner only since christmas...) so I am fairly sure I can live without the plugin. However I'll try to update it from the Scalos website maybe that helps (also need to replace "Installer", since it fails constantly and Colonization via whdload does not work 100% so I want to install it, but that's another story).

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Hi Attila, thanks for posting your experience - that will surely help others
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Originally Posted by atisu View Post
...also need to replace "Installer", since it fails constantly...
Hi Attila, and welcome to EAB!

This version fixes a few bugs: Installer44.10.zip
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Old 13 January 2013, 23:53   #17
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Just a long shot, but... VIRUS?


I was going crazy as well last week with my ClassicWB (Full v.26) with random GURU messages, mostly opening the Shell or changing/saving Workbench prefs.

What solved my issues was: VirusZ (Found thousands of files with 'Ebola' virus and some Saddam) plus I had to replace the 'filetypes.plugin' as somehow got corrupted (due to viruses?) and I didn't have anymore any file association.

If you haven't done already, just give a try to VirusZ (it's already installed in SYS:Programs) - I was surprised as well to find today such old viruses still on my system, but when you deal with retro-software from 'unknown' origin, you can still get retro-viruses

Old 27 January 2013, 14:28   #18
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@prowler: Thanks! This version of Installer works fine.

@LuKeJerry: Good idea. I went through the hard drive with VirusZ (and explicitly the directory where I put the problematic plugin) but it did not find any suspicious files.

I did not update the FileTypes.plugin, but for now I am fine without it.

I do have some other questions (just got last week an 500 rev 8.a (500+) with a 2mb (1.8mb) expansion ), but I don't want to hijack the thread, so I will open another one (eventually).

Thanks again everyone.

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I am seeing a similar crash on classic WB full when I try to open Ram Disk or System or any drive icon from the Classic WB Full.

I removed all plugins, and most of the copper etc. WBStartup items, but the crash remains!

The crash happens in UAE4ALL2 on Vita. It does not happen in latest WinUAE.

Is there any updated information on this? I checked the classicwb webpage but couldn't find anything.

I am pretty sure this is a scalos bug. I can open the drives just fine if I boot with no startup-sequence, type loadwb and then double click on the icons.

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