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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
A fantastic website, bookmarked ..thank you for the exceptional work on this so far.
Thank you.

As with most projects, I don't think I'll ever have this "finished", there will probably always be something I want to add or change. I feel I've already got information that isn't available on other sites, such as the Patent links, and the information regarding the wizards of hardware and software that gave us the Amiga.

I still need more information, my aim is to have this site as the only one anyone needs to visit to learn everything there is to know.

I still desperately need pictures of the A1000 (with cover for A1050 RAM expansion removed, with and without A1050 installed) and A3000 Tower.

Also more pictures of inside the various machines would be very much appreciated. I can get more photos of my A600, but I need other pictures of hardware I don't own that I can use on the site - I don't want to go stealing other peoples pictures and using them without permission. Anyone who can help will receive credit if they so desire.

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As some may know, I've been working on a web site I've called The Amiga Museum. I still have much to add to it, so consider it a public alpha version.

I've been learning a lot while compiling the information, and I'm very thankful to a person who has been making extensive use of the 'Contact us' page in order to send me information. I have attempted to reply to them via the email address they have used, but I have not got a response, so I'm hoping that they'll see this.

I have found it difficult to get accurate information, and a secondary challenge has been in how to summarize what is often rather technical information in a way that is accessible to non-technical people.

One example is this: maximum resolution. Sure, the OCS systems could do low res and high res, with or without interlace, with or without overscan. But horizontal overscan can eat into the DMA for sprites, so as more overscan is used, less sprites are available. Also, once ECS came along, superhighres was available, with or without interlace. Colour depth also being a minefield, I mean sure there is EHB and HAM, and the more traditional bitmap modes, but then as we know, there is the complication of being able to switch colour palettes and even screen modes. And that's if we're limiting to standard PAL 50Hz and NTSC 60Hz screens. So how can I write up the extraordinary flexibility without it being an overload of technical information that will make most people just close the web site?

And then we have sound output, once again so flexible it can be difficult to write up, and also dependant on the display mode...

If anyone would like to have a look, what I've got so far is at http://theamigamuseum.com but as I've said, there is still a lot more work for me to do, so some pages still have little to no information, and some need to be updated.

Also, do we have any people good with Wordpress here, and/or with CSS? I want to change the museum navigation so that you can expand and collapse the various sections such as hardware, software, timeline, amiga models, and I'd like to also be able to have the user able to select a different theme, so they can see it in it's current 1.x scheme, but also have a 2.x and magicwb scheme selectable.

BTW, Does anyone have any expertise with Wordpress/CSS?

Also, I'd really appreciate any and all information and feedback.

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Why create another thread, you started one in Feb?

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Threads merged.
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Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback so far.

This has been a very on-again/off-again project, as finding accurate information has proven to be a challenge.

I sincerely hope that the person who has been contacting me via the 'contact us' form sees this and makes contact with me.

I have implemented a collapsible menu for the navigation at the right of the pages, and have added a surprise for anyone who is familiar with the Amiga 1000 on the initial landing page - but you'll need to be listening for it, and it doesn't seem to auto-play on my phone like it does on a computer browser. I still have to remove the bullet points for the menu items to tidy that up.

I have also done a bit of a tidy up of the page titles and order.

I'm still needing a lot more information, as some pages still have placeholder text in place of actual content.
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