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Amiga 1500 Build

Hi, I thought I'd post some pictures of my Amiga 1500 build in case anyone was interested. I built it a year or so ago but didn't take any pictures at the time, so when I had it apart recently I took the opportunity to take some to document what I did.

For a bit of background, when I was around 9 years old my parents bought a second-hand Amiga 500 as a family computer, my Mum was a teacher and they were starting to use them at the secondary school she taught at so it was purchased with a view to increasing all of our IT skills. I'd used a Commodore Pet and a BBC Micro at the primary school I attended but when the Amiga arrived I was completely enthralled and remember being blown away with the graphics and sound capabilities. Some time after I ended up with a copy of Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 as I wanted a driving game and it was the first one we happened to come across. Suffice to say I spent a lot of time playing Lotus after that and still have good memories of it.

Fast forward to more recent times and I'd been thinking about how much fun the old Amiga games were and how much I liked the hardware of that era so I decided to get another and upgrade it, which is something I would never have been able to afford to do as a child.

I decided on a 2000 chassis as a base machine, the reason behind this was primarily nostalgia as it was these big box Amigas that I most remember from the magazines of the time. They are also a lot less expensive to buy than the 3000 or 4000 machines. I actually went for a 1500 in the end as this was a UK specific 2000, so a little less common and of interest to me. I bought the 1500 itself off of eBay for a really good price, it even came with a Kickstart 3.1 ROM which was helpful. It's in good condition for the age and arrived in it's original box with the software and instructions it would have come with when new, which made for a nice experience whilst unboxing.

So onto the pictures.

The catalyst for the build.

The Kickstart 3.1 ROM came with the machine. I removed the old barrel battery and installed a coin battery holder in it's place, thankfully the original battery hadn't leaked.

The Mini Megi upgrade increases chip RAM from 1MB to 2MB in total and was the version I wanted as I like the clean way it connects to the Gary chip.

The obligatory Indivision ECS, which makes connecting to a more modern monitor much easier.

I deliberated over which accelerator to go for, then this Blizzard 2060 came up and I decided that whilst probably more powerful than I really need it would make for the best experience when using Workbench, it's currently got 32MB of RAM on-board but I'd like to upgrade this in the future.

For storage I went with a Buddha IDE card and a TrueIDE adapter, connected to two 4GB flash cards. This seemed like a good solution, providing me with a decent amount of storage whilst keeping noise levels down when compared to a traditional hard drive.

Next up was a Picasso 2 graphics card (or RTG card). I'd always wanted one of these and the pass through works really well with the Indivision ECS, meaning I can use Workbench and games on the same LCD monitor.

I bought this Deneb USB card a while ago (before the Rapid Road came out) but decided to install it anyway for more USB ports.

The X-Surf 100 card has allowed me to get the 1500 on the Internet so I can download software. It was actually really exciting when I first got it connected, it reminded me of using the web in the early days and something I've never experienced on an Amiga before. The white board on top is the Rapid Road USB expansion for the X-Surf 100, which as with all of the Individual Computers products works really well.

The X-Surf 100, Rapid Road and Deneb fitted into the case, with the Picasso 2 behind them.

Birds eye view of it all coming together.

I decided to add a SCSI CD-RW drive, connected to the SCSI port on the Blizzard.

The original power supply fan had seen better days and sounded like a light aircraft taking off, so I removed it and replaced it with a modern fan to keep the noise to a minimum.

As much as I like the tank mouse I wanted to use a more modern USB optical mouse, so I bought this Micromys adaptor to allow that to work.

This is the mouse I bought to use with the Micromys adaptor.

That's it so far, I've really enjoyed using it and I've learnt a lot more about Workbench than I used to know, but of course I've spent most of the time playing games. It really takes you back and invokes some good memories.

Thanks for reading.

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Awesome setup!
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What a beefed awesome clean system!
Lotsa love and leetness found in this thread. I wish all the best for your setup man.
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Thanks for the positive replies
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Very nice system and envy of everyone! Just keep it and don't sell it.

Also, very nice clean pictures.
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Where did you find the Mini Megi upgrade? I'm trying to upgrade my A500 Rev 5 to 2MB Chip RAM.
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Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
Where did you find the Mini Megi upgrade? I'm trying to upgrade my A500 Rev 5 to 2MB Chip RAM.
From memory, I put up a wanted add on Amibay and luckily someone had one they were prepared to sell me. I was looking for a while before that though as I needed a PAL version, which are less common than the NTSC versions I believe.

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Awesome system!

I've always wanted some of the more obscure Amiga's. Well, obscure for me. Such as the A1500 and A2500.

One thing I would do...only because I'm OCD about things....is to paint the faceplate of that CD ROM drive to match the Amiga's tan color. :-)
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I've recently obtained a few new parts, I needed a new joystick and after considering a few alternatives I ended up going for this Competition Pro Retro, which I'm really pleased with.

I've been waiting for the Prisma Megamix to come out for some time, so when it was recently released I ordered one and have now added it to the machine.

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Have you mounted the vga connector nicely now?
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Not yet unfortunately, it is on the todo list though and I'll hopefully have some time to get to it soon.
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That's one lovely setup, it pains me to see the Blizzard's SCSI lay fallow though ;-)

The same CF cards on a SCSI/IDE bridge (or a CF Aztec) would be much nicer, lower CPU load and higher bandwidth.

Anyway, pretty!
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Thanks, that's a good point to be honest, the IDE setup works well enough for what I use it for but I wouldn't mind using the SCSI one day.
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There is a new version (rev 6) of the SCSI2SD which now does Synchronous FAST-10 mode, i'll be ordering one.

Curious how fast it will go in practice, if it really hits 10MB/s with the same compatibility level as the previous rev5 at ~125$ it will be the ultimate SCSI solution for old-shit.
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I'm also eagerly anticipating the availability of the rev 6 scsi2sd.. Finally enough speed. :-)
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Oh wow, very nice indeed, thank you for sharing with us all the pictures and information. I'd love an Amiga like yours!
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