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Hi all

Thought I'd say hello instead of lurking. I've been an Amiga fan for many a year but not used one for a long time now so I shall be calling on your good selves for advice on what to do with my machines in the near future.

Just yesterday I rediscovered a load of old hardware that I'd collected about 12 years ago, in my parent's loft. There's all sorts of stuff up there - I'll give you a quick list:

1 x Vic20
2 x C64
1 x Amiga 500
1 x Amiga 1200
1 x Atari ST
1 x Atari Jaguar
1 x Dragon 32
1 x Spectrum 48K
1 x ZX81
1 x Sinclair QL
1 x Cambridge Z88

All of them boxed. Most of them I'd had as a child, got rid of, and then decided to collect them to own them again. Besides the computers there's a ton of peripherals as well, and a load of magazines such as Zzap 64, Crash, Amiga Shopper, a few copies of Amiga Format and CU Amiga, etc so I've got some sorting to do when I get time but as you can probably tell, I like old computers.

Anyway, the interesting thing is the Amiga 1200. I remember fitting it with a hard drive - 750mb - I think before packing it away, so I fired it up this morning and up popped workbench with something called "Magic Workbench" installed on top (to give it a more modern look I think). It seemed to work ok until I launched any of the games installed on the hard drive at which point the graphics display appeared corrupted. Any idea what would be wrong there?

When I tried booting Turrican II off a floppy the graphics were fine! Go figure.

Anyway as much as I would like to have a machine to use on an everyday basis again, I fear the amount I would need to spend is prohibitive, so I'm thinking of a project for a dedicated WinUAE machine but I'll go in to that another time.

I'm looking forward to getting back into Amigas one way or another and seeing what I can learn on eab.


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Nice collection and from one Steve to another, welcome!
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Welcome aboard Axegrinder

You've got a great collection there mate Sinclair QL I was going to get one of those but alas it was not meant to be

Not sure what your GFX glitch could be but I'm sure someone here will be able to give you some great advice and yes, you're going to learn quite a bit regarding Amiga and WinUAE, there's plenty here to turn you into an expert
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welcome aboard thers lots of ribbiting going on round here, well there is for me
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Graham Humphrey
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Welcome to the forum!

As for your problem, might be better to start another thread with a bit more detail so we can sort it out - if you've installed them using the installers provided with the games themselves it could just be you need to access the boot menu to turn off CPU caches, or maybe something running in the background they don't like?
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Hi Axegrinder, and welcome to EAB!

That's a nice legacy you left yourself from back in the day! You should have some fun getting acquainted with that lot again after all this time.

As Graham says above, start a new thread in the prb.hardware forum with a few more details concerning your graphics corruption, and we'll soon have that sorted!
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Welcome, I'm new here too, awesome collection by the way!
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Hi Axegrinder and welcome to EAB!

Hope you get that Turrican 2 problem sorted soon. Like Graham said, just make a new thread and include all the info you can gather. Anyway, enjoy your stay
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