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Old 12 February 2019, 10:27   #61
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The February update is out - 200 games total, latest pack is Soldier themed. A few notes:

* The previous packs have been reworked in the following ways:
- Alcatraz (moved to Soldier pack)
- Bloodwych (moved to Soldier pack)
- Cool Croc Twins (new to Platformer pack)
- Datastorm (new to Vehicular shooters pack)
- Forgotten Worlds (Deleted)
- Mega Twins (moved to Beat Em Ups pack)
- Midnight Resistance (moved to Soldier pack)
- Narc (Deleted)
- Spherical (new to Platformer pack)
- Troddlers (new to Platformer pack)

* North & South has been updated with the latest slave
* Hired Guns is there but is definitely keyboard and mouse required, there's no easy way around that
* Operation Thunderbolt is an exclusive hacked version for gamepad play. Mouse play is still supported though.
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Old 25 February 2019, 06:55   #62
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Just making a minor note - I received a private message pointing out that (on a real PAL CD32), Yo! Joe! crashed after completing first stage and riding the bird.

I haven't investigated it yet to see if it might be a WHDLoad slave or CD32Load issue etc etc. If anyone wanted to look into it themselves, I'd appreciate it.
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To test that, with a keyboard connected, without having to play the level:

Set CUSTOM1=1 to start with the cheat mode enabled (see below), then use Y to advance levels / fly mode.
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Old 28 February 2019, 13:01   #64
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Thank You for Your work, Earok! . Thank You to Toni Wilen for his emulator (accidentally seen You're active when I was writing this post) . And Thank You to this community

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Thanks for the hard work Earok, simply brilliant!
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Cheers guys!

Any ideas where the grafic issues come from? I have them in the Games as well. Problem with the host grafic system maybe?

Running AmigaForever latest Version on a standard Intel Window 7 Laptop.


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You haven't really provided much detail calculon; besides that you are using Amiga Forever.

I can tell you that this issue you've reported doesn't occur in WinUAE when using a standard CD32 config:

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Old 04 March 2019, 17:48   #68
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Thanks for your reply. I digged a little deeper in the config file & changed a bit. Seems to work now! Thanks for kickin' me!
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Old 15 March 2019, 05:32   #69
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Ok, latest update has been posted. There's been a lot of changes so I may have forgotten a few.

First up, the theme of the 9th pack is fighting games (one-on-one fighters as opposed to scrolling beat-em-ups, which were in an older pack)

There's a supplemental disc which optionally includes some games that weren't on the main disc, also a few CD audio tracks and CDXL intros which I couldn't include on the main disc because of space concerns.

UN Squadron/Area 88 was dropped from Vehicle Shooters and moved to the supplemental disc, Frenetic is in it's place.

Watchtower now boots with CD32Launch to provide second button grenade fire (thanks to JOTD for this)

Yo Joe! Has been changed to not use Filecache or VBR move due to a crash report. I'm not sure if either was the cause of the reported crash, but in any case (at least using cheats under emulation) it seems to be possible to get to the end of the game without crashing.

Latest slaves for Bubble Bobble and Battle Squadron have been used.

I was given some tips to patch Ninja Warriors and Games: Summer Edition to use two joysticks as a default setting (as opposed to needing the keyboard to configure this).


Well, that's it for this update. Final update is going to be a mix of shareware, freeware, indie and recent games. I'm intending to include the likes of Barbarian+, Tanks Furry, Parachute Joust and Tanx.

Since it'll be the final update, let me know now what you want - so long as it's a 2P game, I'll consider it, even if I need to fit it into an already released pack. Otherwise, forever hold your peace
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